Shopping on Instagram opens to merchants in 8 new markets, including Canada, Brazil, and the U.K.

Instagram has come a long way since its $ 1 billion acquisition by Facebook nearly six years ago. No longer is it a funky photo-sharing app for friends: It now offers video, advertisers are courted en masse, and it has become a major platform for brand and celebrities. But Instagram is also emerging as a significant ecommerce tool […]

GV leads $14.5 million investment into U.K. augmented reality startup Blue Vision Labs

A fledgling augmented reality (AR) startup launched out of stealth today backed by $ 17 million in funding from some big names in the venture capital (VC) world. London-based Blue Vision Labs has today announced a fresh $ 14.5 million series A investment round led by Alphabet’s VC arm GV (formerly Google Ventures), with participation from exist…Read […]

Insurers in the U.K. could be the first to cover chatbot consultations

GUEST: People use chatbots to find homes, interact with their favorite brands, and schedule appointments. Many consumers are onboard with using chatbots to gather instant, personalized information. In many cases, chatbots are the first point of contact for individuals who feel unwell and need to decide whether to head to the doctor. As this technology becomes […]