#WouldorWouldnt: Trump's election meddling U-turn sends Twitter into a frenzy

It only took moments for memes to flood Twitter after Donald Trump backtracked on alleged Russian meddling, correcting a sentence in which he had stated that there was no reason why Russia would have interfered in the election. The presidential U-turn, which he says was a simple case of using the word “would” when he […]

Twitter puts verification fixes on hold as elections loom

Twitter has spent the past several months trying to fix its verification mess, but it looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer for a solution. New product lead Kayvon Beykpour has announced that Twitter is putting its verification reform efforts on hold to focus on “information quality” in the run-up to the US […]

Theresa May divides Twitter showing acres of leg in high-split dress to meet Donald Trump

Theresa May welcomed Donald Trump, 72, and his wife Melania Trump, 48, for a lavish dinner at Blenheim Palace tonight. All attendees looked suitably glamorous in black tie and floor-length gowns. Dressed in red, Theresa also looked the part – but her choice of outfit set Twitter alight thanks to the incredibly high slit at […]

'New legal high?' Twitter awash with mockery & conspiracy after Novichok hits UK again

What is claimed to be a new case of Novichok poisoning of an unsuspecting British couple has made Twitter explode, with users finding links between the incident and the World Cup, Brexit, and even alleging it was an inside job. The supposedly deadly military-grade agent has resurfaced in Britain four months after the March 4 […]

Jumanji: Dwayne Johnson and Busted star Charlie Simpson in ‘Twitter feud’ over hit movie

The ‘rift’ is over Johnson’s hugely successful movie Jumanji, which was revealed last week to be getting a sequel in December 2019. Johnson had shared the movie’s release date in a tweet on Saturday, after which musician Greg Rankin replied, tagging Simpson. “you will be loving this news ;)” he wrote, to which Simpson – […]

Facebook and Twitter met with GOP leaders over tech’s liberal bias 

Since the 2016 election, Trump and right-wing lawmakers have claimed that the tech industry’s liberal bias has led to suppressing and even censoring conservative speech online. That led to a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee back in April on the matter, which Facebook, Twitter and Google didn’t attend despite invitations. But in efforts to […]

China will lift part of its ‘Great Firewall’ to give foreigners access to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on a tropical island dubbed ‘Hawaii of the East’

Facebook China’s Hainan island has released plans to give tourists access to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in parts of two cities. A partial lifting of the county’s “Great Firewall” is part of an attempt to make the southern island a free trade zone and tourist hub. It’s unclear whether locals would be able to access […]