People in Malaysia are being threatened with prison for tweeting mean things about their royal family

AP Photo/Yam G-Jun, File People in Malaysia are being warned that criticizing their monarchy could land them in jail. Three people were arrested this month under the colonial-era Sedition Act for allegedly tweeting that the country should get rid of the royal family. The government pledged to abolish the Sedition Act last year, before changing […]

Burger King has been tweeting gibberish nonstop for hours

Facebook/Burger King Burger King is tweeting nonsense posts that seem to be just a random assortment of letters and numbers.  The bizarre tweets are going viral.  Burger King’s representative would not tell us why the chain is tweeting gibberish, but one possible reason is that it debuted a flame-grilled dog treat on Wednesday.  Burger King […]

Channel 4 slammed by viewers after mistakenly tweeting Michael Buble’s son had died

Michael broke down in tears on Stand Up To Cancer last night on Channel 4. Speaking to James he said his “whole life ended” when Noah was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. The youngster underwent chemotherapy and is now in recovery. However, following the heartbreaking segment, Channel 4 mistakenly tweeted his son […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doubles down on his criticism of Facebook and YouTube while defending Alex Jones’ right to keep tweeting (TWTR)

NBC Jack Dorsey doubled down on his criticism of Facebook and YouTube for removing Infowars host Alex Jones. In a new interview with NBC News, the Twitter CEO said his peers had been “inconsistent” in their handling of Jones. He defended Jones’ right to keep tweeting, despite Twitter freezing the conspiracy theorist’s account for seven […]

A 15-year-old Syrian boy is tweeting heartbreaking videos of Eastern Ghouta under attack from furious Russian and government airstrikes

Twitter/muhammadnajem20 A 15-year-old boy named Muhammad Najem, who lives in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, is tweeting pictures and videos of his region under attack from Russian and Syrian airstrikes. His images and videos have not been independently verified, but activists on the ground have said that he is “legit.” Russian trolls have begun attacking him on […]

Twitter’s new rules prohibit bulk tweeting to fight spam

Twitter’s spam bot issue isn’t new, but it came to a head when it was revealed that thousands of Russian troll accounts used the platform to influence the 2016 Presidential elections. Now, the company has announced a set of changes and new developer guidelines meant to fight off automated actions and to make it harder […]

Chloe Kim was tweeting about breakfast minutes before learning if she won a gold medal

Ryan Pierse/Getty U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim tweeted about being hungry during the women’s halfpipe final. The tweet came after she tweeted about wanting ice cream during the qualifier the night before. Kim, the gold medal favorite, was already leading by a big margin when she sent the tweet. 17-year-old U.S. snowboarder Chloe Kim didn’t seem […]

Trump admits tweeting from bed to defend himself against ‘fake news’

US President Donald Trump confirmed he sometimes goes on his fiery social media rants while in bed or during meals, particularly when fighting off “fake news,” he told British journalist Piers Morgan. Divulging the background to his moody tirades that often take Twitter by storm, Trump confessed to he tweets “perhaps sometimes in bed, perhaps […]

The Royal Navy updated a famous WWII propaganda poster to warn its sailors about tweeting

US War Information Office/Royal Navy/Business Insider British naval accounts are distributing an update of the classic 1943 “loose lips sink ships” poster. It warns “loose tweets sink fleets” — a reminder not to put sensitive operational details on social media. It shows the new HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier going down in flames. The Royal Navy […]