Gmail update: How to turn off conversation view in Gmail mobile

Google Gmail has claimed dominance over the email industry by attracting more than a billion people worldwide.  The search engine giants recently rolled out a new update for Gmail to make managing your inbox easier and faster.  This update also stretches over to Gmail’s mobile app, where you can now disable Conversation View from your […]

Should Police Turn to Crowdsourced Online Sleuthing?

We’ve all been riveted by stunning criminal mysteries and whodunits. Most of America was horrified, for example, by the brutal murder of child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey in Colorado in 1996. Theories abound as to why she was killed and whether she was sexually assaulted. But 22 years later, we still don’t know exactly what […]

Google ‘Pixel Stand’ might turn your phone into a smart speaker

When the Pixel 3 comes out, it might launch with a special kind of wireless charging dock: one that could make buying a smart speaker unnecessary unless you need more than one. 9to5Google has decompiled the latest version of Google app beta and found strings of code talking about a “Pixel Stand.” The lines show […]

Japanese ‘facing extinction’ as humans turn to silicon sex dolls (VIDEO)

As Japan’s birth rates fell below the 1 million mark last year, experts have pointed the finger at the rising popularity of sex dolls for singletons. The issue is the focus of the RT documentary ‘Substitutes,’ in which experts warn that sex dolls are fueling a national mood of loneliness and alienation, making people less […]

Tesla reportedly asked suppliers for a refund as it looks to turn a profit (TSLA)

Tesla Tesla asked suppliers for a refund in order to help it become profitable, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.  Shares fell more than 4% after the report. Follow Tesla’s stock price in real-time here. Tesla has asked some of its suppliers for refunds in order to help it reach its profitability goal, the Wall […]

‘Bloody’ protesters turn Apple Store into ER ward (VIDEO)

Dozens of activists turned a Paris-based Apple Store into an emergency ward complete with x-rays, surgeons, bloody patients and even a waiting room to denounce tax evasion The elaborate demonstration, staged by the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizen Action (ATTAC), on Saturday was in protest of Apple’s tax evasion practices […]

Two steel giants are merging — despite Trump’s move to turn the industry on its head

Thomson Reuters Tata Steel and Germany’s Thyssenkrupp, two huge steel businesses, have agreed to merge. The German-based company’s executive board approved the plans on Friday after signing a memorandum of understanding last September. The deal comes at a time when President Donald Trump’s tariff agenda has turned the global steel industry upside down.   Tata […]

Facebook patent would turn your mic on to analyze how you watch ads

Enlarge / Nothing like cartoony smiley faces to break down how smartphones, local networks, and TV devices could join forces to trigger microphones and listen to advertisements’ audio. (credit: US Patent + Trademark Office) As Facebook tries to get ahead of public pressure about what the service does and doesn’t track about its users, a […]

UK plan to turn OPCW into politicized quasi-prosecutorial body will undermine intl security – Russia

Moscow strongly opposes the UK’s attempts to give chemical watchdog OPCW authority to pin the blame in chemical attack probes, as it may turn the body into a political tool and undermine the entire international security system. An ongoing special conference of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague was […]