Elon Musk has been pitching cheap tunnels from The Boring Company to big names

Enlarge / Plans for a potential tunnel connecting Sydney, Australia, to the West. (credit: Jeremy Buckingham) Elon Musk—CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company—has been pitching his new tunnel-boring capabilities to curious elected officials as well as the director of CERN (the organization that owns and operates the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland). Just […]

Elon Musk said The Boring Company wants to prove it can send 4,000 vehicles traveling at 155 mph through its tunnels every hour

Patrick Fallon / Reuters The next step for The Boring Company is to show that it can send a large number of vehicles through a tunnel at high speeds, founder Elon Musk said on Wednesday via Twitter. “Next step for @BoringCompany Loop is demonstrating high throughput at high speed. Target is 4000 vehicles/hour at 155mph […]

Inside a bitcoin billionaire’s master plan for his futuristic office and $21 million penthouse : Miniature luxury cars, holographic receptionists, and secret tunnels

Decentral Anthony Di Iorio made his fortune as an early adopter of hot cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum.  Now, the cryptocurrency billionaire is spending some of his cash on two video game-inspired real estate projects in Toronto.  Di Iorio recently purchased two spaces in Toronto. One is a 15,000 square foot office space for his blockchain […]

Elon Musk pitches 150 MPH rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

Tonight at The Boring Company Information Session not all of the talk centered on flamethrowers. Elon Musk and project leader Steve Davis described many details of their visions for an underground network that could alleviate traffic problems in big cities. Musk said “we’re not suggesting this to the exclusion of other approaches,” but did take […]

Descend Through Abstract Tunnels In Roguelite 6DOF Shooter Pixelpunk XL

Descent and other space shooters popularized six-degrees-of-freedom action, an interesting subgenre that has seen a small resurgence with games like Sublevel Zero and the upcoming Overload. Pixelpunk XL is an interesting take on the concept, presenting alien pixelated environments to fly and blast through. The randomly-generated environments are constructed from odd pixelated rooms and tunnels, […]

Tunnels, guns & abandoned tanks: Secrets of ISIS stronghold revealed in Deir ez-Zor (VIDEO)

Syrian forces have captured the fortified area near Deir ez-Zor that was struck by Russian cruise missiles, which Moscow says killed over 200 jihadists. Troves of weapons, explosives and damaged armored vehicles were found on the site where the terrorists had holed up. As the Syrian troops were clearing out the area, they discovered a […]

Elon Musk Shares Video Of Hyperloop Speeding Through Tunnels

Elon Musk Shares Video Of Hyperloop Speeding Through Tunnels Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not […]

Boring backstory: Before Elon Musk can innovate tunnels, he has to rent a digger

Elon Musk recently tweeted that he’d received “verbal govt approval” to build an underground hyperloop tunnel to whisk passengers from New York to Washington, D.C., in less than a half an hour. His first step toward making this a reality? Leasing equipment from the Rust Belt. USA Today reports that Musk, the CEO of Tesla […]

We just got a glimpse of Elon Musk’s futuristic skate that could rocket cars through tunnels at 130 mph (TSLA)

Screenshot Billionaire Elon Musk has already completed the first segment of an underground tunnel network and just installed the most futuristic component of the system: a car skate. Musk plans on building as many as 30 layers of tunnels beneath Los Angeles through his newest venture, the Boring Company. The serial entrepreneur said Wednesday that […]