A 15-year-old girl in Kentucky spent 6 days in juvenile detention after wearing a T-shirt to class that protested her high school’s dress code

Courtesy of Theresa Rucks Isabella Messer was arrested at Hopkinsville High School in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on August 23.  It came after officials said she violated the dress code twice and had an altercation with a school resource officer.  In the first dress code violation incident, Isabella was stopped by her principal for wearing a shirt that […]

Eugenie Bouchard posts sexy ‘wet t-shirt’ video, teasing fans amidst tennis comeback

Eugenie Bouchard, 24, is the stunning Canadian tennis player known just as much for her good looks as she is her tennis career. The tennis professional has made a name for herself in the modelling industry, posing twice for the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Despite winning in the looks department, her tennis game has […]

David Lynch Has Apparently Opened His Own Online T-Shirt Shop

David Lynch, an artist who exists in a whooshing void full of amazing hair, cigarettes and beautiful, horrifying movies, has decided to open his own T-shirt shop on Amazon. David Lynch doesn’t make many movies anymore – last year’s Twin Peaks revival was the first thing he’d filmed in nearly 11 years. Instead, he bides his […]

‘Can’t build wall if hands are too small’: Mexico’s ex-president trolls Trump with T-shirt (PHOTO)

Mexico’s former head honcho Vicente Fox is fundraising for a cause and throwing shade at Donald Trump, with a T-shirt range trolling the US president’s supposedly small hands. Talk of Trump having abnormally small hands dates back to the Republican campaign trail in 2016, when GOP party rival Marco Rubio levelled the bizarre accusations against […]

Kyrgios brother’s t-shirt slammed

Video Image Kostyuk serves into the crowd then pretends to challenge0:46 Tennis: Marta Kostyuk serves into the crowd and pretends to challenge the call. January 17th 2018 12 hours ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/Tennis news and galleries/ Christos Kyrgios was slammed for his Sportsbet tee. Alex Blairnews.com.au Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share […]

Red wine stain? New 'hydrophobic' t-shirt REPELS dirt and spills for the clumsiest people

The makers claim that patented pioneering ‘hydrophobic’ technology means the likes of wine and ketchup will simply run off the surface of the machine-washable fabric. They liken its self-cleaning effect to that of the lotus leaf and say any residues on the 100 per cent cotton material can be removed by just wiping or rinsing […]

Sharon Osbourne Sent Off A Savage Tweet To Kendall And Kylie In Reaction To Their “Vintage” T-Shirt Line

Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like we are having a problem on the server. Do you think Sharon’s tweet to the girls was appropriate or a little too harsh? votevotes Too harsh! votevotes Nah, Sharon’s tweet was appropriate! votevotes Sharon shouldn’t even have addressed it! Let’s block ads! (Why?) BuzzFeed – […]

Hanging by a thread: How the online nerdy T-shirt economy exists in an IP world

Enlarge / A moviegoer wearing his Superman T-shirt in the lobby prior to watching the new Superman Returns movie on June 27, 2006 in Chicago… little did we all know what kind of a film awaited (sigh). (credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images) Most everybody has at least one. It may be buried in the back of […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2017: Have viewers EXPOSED mind readers DNA and their T-shirt trick?

The judging panel was left spooked after the mind readers accurately revealed correctly a number, a colour and a celebrity that Simon Cowell was thinking about.  Simon, 57, was left gobsmacked and confused at how the pair had managed to read his mind flawlessly as were the audience who could only look on in amazement. […]

‘LOL’ T-shirt designer hopes to make money from the North Korean assassination

Malaysian CCTV SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A U.S.-based designer said he hoped to cash in on the assassination of the North Korean leader’s half-brother by selling T-shirts emblazoned with “LOL” in the style worn by his alleged assassin. The designer said “human rights abuses” by North Korea’s leaders outweighed any arguments against making such T-shirts. […]