‘Song of Back and Neck’ Review: Toby from ‘The Office’ Laughs Through the Pain [Tribeca]

Do we really need another sad middle-age white guy comedy? Probably not, but if we have to have them, at least let them be more like Paul Lieberstein’s Song of Back and Neck. The artist best known to audiences as Toby from TV’s The Office makes his first step behind the camera for feature filmmaking […]

‘Maine’ Review: A Wilderness Journey About Neither the Destination Nor the Journey [Tribeca]

If you see Maine features a woman hiking a trail alone and assume you’re in for a retread of Wild, think again. In upstart director Matthew Brown’s sophomore feature, we see people fleeing the burdens of their life in the great outdoors in search of escape and fulfillment – but ultimately finding neither. The answers […]

The Best and Worst Documentaries of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

One of these years, I’m just gonna go all in and only go to the Tribeca Film Festival’s documentaries. It’s not that the New York-based fest – which came to a close yesterday – doesn’t have narrative titles worth seeing (watch this space later today to hear about some of those). But their non-fiction slate […]

The Best and Worst Movies of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

The narrative selections at the Tribeca Film Festival (which came to a close yesterday) don’t often match their reliably stellar non-fiction slate. But this year’s festival offered up a handful of genuinely exciting titles from talents old and new – and a couple to perhaps avoid in the months ahead. [embedded content] COMING SOON Reading […]

‘To Dust’ Review: A Uniquely Humorous Hasidic Jewish Story of Death and Life [Tribeca]

Death makes fools of us all because it exposes the limitations of human knowledge. We may have strong beliefs about what happens after our final breath, but none among us truly knows what happens. That uncertainty can gnaw away at those left behind with little more than the memory and the body of the recently […]

Tribeca 2018: A (Slightly Awkward) Chat with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

It’s no big secret that Robert De Niro is a tough interview. Not in the way that Tommy Lee Jones or Bruce Willis are – he’s not surly or nasty, or even all that evasive. No, he doesn’t much like doing interviews, but he’s very nice about it, almost apologetic. He considers himself a private […]

Tribeca 2018: Patti Smith Rips Off the Roof With the Concert Doc ‘Horses’

“Can’t mess with a 69-year-old broad!” announces Patti Smith in her new concert film Horses: Patti Smith and Her Band, and though it’s a follow-up to rather a devastating burn on an audience member who dares holler “take it off” when she futzes with her vest (“Oh, yeah for you, right– honey, I got better […]

TVLine Items: Good Behavior Return Date, Angie Tribeca Renewed and More

Michelle Dockery will resume her Good Behavior on Sunday, Oct. 15 at 9/8c, when Season 2 of the TNT drama premieres. When Good Behavior returns, Letty (played by Dockery) has patched things up with Javier and reconciled with her mother, who had long stood in the way of Letty getting custody of son Jacob. On […]

The Best Movies We Saw at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Another Tribeca Film Festival has come and gone, bringing a new slew of films you should look out for. This year’s festival was particularly jam-packed, with some incredible special events, including a 25th anniversary screening of Reservoir Dogs (using Quentin Tarantino’s personal 35mm copy) and cast panel, talks with industry legends such as Tom Hanks, […]

The Best and Worst Movies of the Tribeca Film Festival

As we mentioned earlier today, sometimes the safest bets at Tribeca are the documentaries, and navigating the narrative slate can get a little tricky. But if you’re willing to take some chances among those titles, you’ll often find richly rewarding experiments in independent cinema, and gutsy actors taking thrilling risks. GO TO THE MOVIES AND […]