Developers love trendy new languages, but earn more with functional programming

(credit: Stack Exchange) Developer Q&A site Stack Overflow performs an annual survey to find out more about the programmer community, and the latest set of results has just been published. JavaScript remains the most widely used programming language among professional developers, making that six years at the top for the lingua franca of Web development. […]

Companies will spend $3.7 trillion on IT in 2018, led by trendy new tech like blockchain, IoT and AI

Digital Assets Businesses are gearing up for a healthy 2018 and will increase their spending on IT projects to support planned growth. Overall IT spending is estimated to grow to $ 3.7 trillion in 2018, up 4.5% over 2017 spending, reports market researcher Gartner Up-and-coming new tech like artificial intelligence, internet of things and even […]

How to stay young: THIS trendy gym workout can turn back time – just BEWARE these moves

Exercise may be more than just a way to maintain your waistline and build muscle – it could turn back time. A study published earlier this year discovered that high-intensity interval training – often abbreviated to HIIT – has an anti-ageing effect on the body. The workout has become a popular gym workout in recent […]

Flu jab 2017: Boost effectiveness of vaccine by taking THIS trendy supplement

Flu jabs are set to be particularly important this year with the Aussie flu on its way and the NHS warning the health service will be inundated with ill patients. However, the effectiveness of the vaccine has been widely questioned. The NHS said last week they feared it would not effectively protect the elderly – […]