Queen Elizabeth II: The monarch refuses to do this when she travels

Queen Elizabeth has travelled the world over on hundreds of royal tours and has experienced a plethora of different cultures and cuisines. However, no matter where she goes in the world, there are strict rules regarding one food in particular. A royal expert has revealed that foreign chefs are given instructions by The Master of […]

Prince Harry always travels with this item – as does the Queen, Prince William and Kate

Prince Harry, 34, recently joined his wife, Meghan Markle, 37, for her first solo event at Kensington Palace, supporting the new Grenfell cookbook Together. The couple were very hands-on with each other, as Harry smoothed down Meghan’s hair after it was caught in the wind. They also shared a romantic moment at the polo earlier […]

Prince William: Why the royal always travels with this particular item

Prince William, 36, often travels abroad as part of the Royal Family on state visits, to represent the UK. He is often joined by his wife, Kate Middleton, 36, as well as his children. While Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three, have already joined him on a trip, Prince Louis, four months, is yet […]

Avengers 4: Captain America travels back in time to obtain the Soul Stone from [SPOILER]?

WARNING SPOILER FOR AVENGERS INFINITY WAR AHEAD The Avengers are seriously screwed. At the end of Infinity War, Thanos, the villain won and half the universe died – included a ton of the superheroes. So what do they do now? Well Marvel‘s Avengers 4 set photos have suggested some sort of time travel or multi-verse […]

Meghan Markle always travels with THIS suitcase which has a surprising British connection

Meghan Markle, 36, regularly travelled before meeting her fiance, Prince Harry. As a humanitarian and a global ambassador, she frequented a number of countries whilst doing charity work for World Vision. She was also an avid traveller in her personal time, which she often wrote about on her now-closed lifestyle blog The Tig. As she […]

Meghan Markle: Why Prince Harry’s fiancee always travels with this key item

Meghan Markle, 36, is to marry into the Royal Family later this year when she ties the knot with her fiance, Prince Harry, 33. As part of her role in the Royal Family, she has travelled to a number of destinations, something she is used to doing. The ex-actress has visited a number of countries […]

Ivanka Trump channels Jackie O as husband Jared Kushner travels home with Hope Hicks

Ivanka Trump, 36, channelled former First Lady Jackie O in a 60s inspired outfit. The daughter of Donald Trump pulled off the classic look as she left Washington for South Carolina. The tall blonde wore her long blonde hair pulled back with a black headband. She added chunky black and gold earrings to the look. […]

Downsizing Review: If HG Wells had written Gulliver's Travels

In Downsizing, the threat of overpopulation has inspired an ingenious solution. A pioneering institute in Norway has developed a successful process of human miniaturisation and the benefits are enormous. There could be plenty of room for everyone. Food and fuel supplies would stretch much further and a self-sustaining community of the small makes only a […]

Queen Elizabeth never travels the UK without THIS essential item

Queen Elizabeth, 91, has travelled more than any other British monarch in history. Her state visits don’t just include travels abroad, with Canada being the country she has visited the most, as she travels around the UK as well. She was recently spotted leaving St Lawrence Church near Sandringham, a place she often stays with […]

Woman travels the world posting NAKED Instagram pictures for this surprising reason

A Dutch woman is travelling around the world and showcasing her life on Instagram, as many young people do. Yet instead of the usual landscapes and beach scenes, she is posting images of herself completely naked. Dutch Instagrammer Sterre, 21, has since acquired over 164,000 followers as she posts images of herself looking away from […]