Transplanted mammals take a century to learn to “surf the green wave”

Enlarge / That is an aptly named sheep. (credit: California Department of Fish and Game/Tim Glenner) In many areas of the globe, native species have been wiped out of large areas of their range even though some habitats that could support them were left intact or later restored. That has allowed conservationists to reintroduce these […]

Scientists Transplanted a Rat Testicle onto Another Rat's Neck [WARNING: Graphic]

Image: Janet Stephens/Wikimedia Commons Lab rats probably don’t have many deep thoughts. But one of these days, right as a scientist is transplanting a testicle onto a rats’s neck, one of those little furry guys is going to ask itself—what did I do to deserve this? And how will I get my revenge? Advertisement Case-in-point, […]