26 T-Shirt-Sprüche, die schlimmer sind als Google Translate

1. Hände hoch oder ich scheiße. 2. Jetzt werde endlich Tür, verdammt! 3. Das ist natürlich ärgerlich. 4. Joa … 5. Ähm, ok! 6. Lebensmotto. 7. “Kannst du nochmal so furzen?” – “Du meinst sexy style?” – “Ja genau! Danke!” 8. Genau das dachte ich mir eben auch! 9. Isso. 10. Moment, was??? 11. Versteh […]

Facebook Messenger assistant M can now translate French

Facebook Messenger today announced that intelligent assistant M can now translate conversations from English, French, and Spanish in France, Mexico, and the United States. M Translations in French is the latest intelligent assistant upgrade for France, following Google Assistant multilingual support in August for a number of languages including Fre…Read More

4 times Google Translate totally dropped the ball

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Google Translate is one of the most popular online translators in the world, but it occasionally drops the ball People have gotten bizarre and humorous results when they type in certain characters Sometimes the translations are strangely poetic. Machine translators have made impressive strides since they first gained popularity online in the […]

An ex-plumber from Australia invented a $179 earpiece that can translate 8 languages in real-time

Supplied An Australian startup revealed its flagship product, an earpiece that can interpret 8 different languages in real-time, at a United Nations event in Switzerland on Friday. Lingmo International, a startup based in West Gosford north of Sydney, launched its TranslateOne2One earpiece at the UN’s Artificial Intelligence for Good Summit in Geneva, revealing that IBM […]

YouTube wants you to translate video descriptions

YouTube has had community-sourced subtitle translations since 2015, but they’re only useful if people can find the videos in the first place… what about labeling the videos? You now have a chance to help. The internet video service has expanded its Community Contributions to let you translate video titles and descriptions, not just captions. If […]

John Oliver Attempts to Translate Donald Trump’s “Toddler Psychopath” Budget

Last week, Donald Trump released a draft of his first federal budget and, as John Oliver said in a segment on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, this means that the has world gotten a glimpse at what it looks like when a “a man who constantly promised that he would run America like a business” takes a […]

Meet Google’s team of ex-executives who translate programmer-speak and befriend VIP customers (GOOG, GOOGL, AMZN, MSFT)

One of the first things that VMware cofounder Diane Greene did after she took the reins as Google Cloud boss in late 2015 was to establish the “Office of the CTO,” a unit that would work directly with the largest customers.  The idea, explains Google’s Greg DeMichillie, Director of Product Management with the Office of the CTO, […]

Machine learning improvements for Google Translate expanding to more languages

Google has always been the go-to place for online translation, but it looks like the company wants to take things to the next level. Last November, the company announced that it would use machine learning to improve the quality of translation offered by Google Translate. It began providing neural machine translation for nine languages, promising more to […]