‘The House With a Clock in Its Walls’ Director Eli Roth Explains His Transition to Family Films

Eli Roth isn’t anyone’s idea of a family filmmaker, and yet the director of Cabin Fever has a new PG-rated adventure hitting theaters soon. The House With a Clock in Its Walls is Roth’s first non-R-rated movie, adapted from children’s book of the same name. So how did the guy who made Hostel end up making a family-friendly […]

‘Secret directive’ bans UN agencies from helping rebuild Syria until ‘political transition’ – Lavrov

Washington’s “absolutely deconstructive” stance is hampering the rebuilding of Syria and constricts the UN in aiding the country until a so called ‘political transition’ takes place, Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, said. Washington’s “absolutely deconstructive” stance is hampering the rebuilding of Syria and constricts the UN in aiding the country until a so called ‘political […]

Bolivian leader digs up Pompeo comment about ‘transition’ in Venezuela after attack on Maduro

Evo Morales has lashed out at “Yankee interventionism” after an assassination attempt on the president of Venezuela, pointing to comments made by Mike Pompeo that the US is hoping for “transition” in the South American state. Morales, Bolivia’s staunchly anti-American president, took to Twitter to accuse the US of having “plans” for Venezuela, a day […]

Barnier: No Brexit transition deal unless UK accepts EU courts

Thomson Reuters EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said the UK must accept the European Court of Justice’s authority during any transition deal. Comments follow several days of talks between EU and British negotiators, after which a senior EU official called the UK’s position a “fantasy.” BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned Britain […]

Theresa May to ask the EU for an extra two years of Brexit transition

Getty Theresa May to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit transition to 2023. This would extend the Brexit process some seven years after Britain voted to leave the EU. The proposal will be highly controversial with Conservative MPs. Tory Brexiteers have threatened to oust May if a hard Brexit is not delivered. […]

More Brits want second Brexit vote as EU official forecasts difficult transition for UK

Support for a second Brexit vote is growing, with a new poll indicating that nearly half of all Brits want a say on the final terms. The EU, however, seems to be growing used to the idea of the UK’s exit. For the first time, the broader public appear to have backed a second referendum, […]

AR/VR market transition begins as startups raise record $3.6 billion

GUEST: Augmented and virtual reality startups raised over $ 3.6 billion from venture capitalists and corporates in the last 12 months to the end of Q1 2018, setting a new record. Over three-quarters of a billion dollars was invested in the first three months of this year alone. A fundamental transition in the fundraising market […]

David Davis accepts that the Brexit transition will end in December 2020

REUTERS/Steve Parsons/Pool The UK government has said it wants a transition deal lasting “around two years” with the option of extension. However, David Davis has suggested Britain will accept the EU’s demand for a 20-month transition after Brexit. “I’m not bothered too much about the question of whether it is Christmas 2020 or Easter 2021,” […]