This video perfectly demonstrates how much worse even the best smartphone cameras are compared to traditional cameras (GOOG, GOOGL)

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. It takes gorgeous photos, just like its iPhone equivalent. But even the Pixel 3 still struggles to keep up with a traditional camera. Google’s new Pixel 3 smartphone is an excellent device in lots of ways.  It’s got sharp […]

Off with their hats! Russian military to ditch traditional headgear

A large part of Russian military will soon stop using traditional Russian fur hats with ear flaps, known as “ushankas,” as well as woolen side caps. The government plans to replace these items with more simple headgear. The famous Russian souvenir known abroad as “ushanka”, “shapka” or simply “Russian hat” could soon become a rare […]

‘Walking Dead’ invade Moscow as part of traditional Mexican carnival (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of people wearing skull makeup and donning spooky carnival costumes filled the center of Moscow on Friday to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead. The Mexican tradition pays tribute to deceased relatives and dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when people believed that the souls of dead ancestors returned home for one day to spend […]

4 reasons traditional VC models are poised to underperform

GUEST: Traditional venture investing is poised to underperform this year and the years to come for four fundamental reasons: 1. Significant capital inflow into the VC industry while the number of deals is in a steep decline In 2017, there was $ 84 billion invested in deals, which is the most since the Dot-Com era. […]

Parkinson’s Disease: Eating more of THIS traditional British dish could halt illness

EATING more traditional fish and chips could prevent the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, new research suggests. Scientists say consuming parvalbumim – a protein found in several fish species including cod – can be a “simple way” to halt the degenerative brain disease.

Dan Ricciardo downs his ‘traditional’ Shanghai shooey

Video Dan Ricciardo downs his ‘traditional’ Shanghai shooey0:32 F1: Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his Chinese Grand Prix win with his ‘traditional’ shooey. April 15th 2018 2 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Motorsport/ MotorSport Dan Ricciardo downs his ‘traditional’ Shanghai shooey0:32 April 15th 2018 8 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Motorsport/ Max Verstappen hits Sebastian Vettel1:12 April […]