A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely

IT IS becoming increasingly likely that the phoney trade war between America and China will develop into the real thing. On June 15th the Trump administration published two lists of Chinese products it plans to hit with tariffs of 25%, worth $ 50bn in 2018. The first will come into force on July 6th. The […]

Beijing will continue to trade with Iran despite US sanctions

China will maintain relations with Iran despite the US’ attempt to isolate the Islamic Republic by threatening Iranian business partners with sanctions, Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Chinese Commerce Ministry, told reporters during a regular briefing. He said Beijing opposes unilateral sanctions in general and that trade with Iran does not undermine China’s international […]

Trump raises stakes in trade war with China, targets further $200bn-worth of imports with tariff

US President Donald Trump is looking to impose a 10 percent tariff on another $ 200 billion-worth of Chinese goods, after Beijing imposed reciprocal tariffs on US imports, as part of an expanding trade war with Washington. In a statement released by the White House on Monday, Trump cited Beijing’s decision to respond to US […]

Trump Always Wanted a Trade War—and Now He’s Got Several

When President Donald Trump announced Friday that he would slap billions of dollars’ worth of tariffs on certain Chinese goods, he opened up another front in what’s becoming a global trade war—one whose main aggressor is the United States. And the variety of Trump’s targets, starting with U.S. allies whose trade policies resemble those of […]

New study rethinks pre-Columbian turquoise trade

Enlarge (credit: Alyson Thibodeau et al.) New chemical analysis of Aztec turquoise artifacts suggests the stone didn’t come from the Southwestern US as archaeologists have long thought, which raises questions about the scale of long-distance trade between the Aztecs and their northern neighbors. For thousands of years, societies from Central America to the Southwestern US […]