Dropbox CEO Drew Houston made $110 million in 2017 — and is on track to be Silicon Valley’s newest billionaire after the IPO (BOX, TEAM)

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Dropbox filed to go public on Friday, revealing CEO Drew Houston’s salary for the first time.  Houston took home about $ 110 million in cash and stock in 2017. He stands to make a lot more, thanks to an incentive system tied to Dropbox’s share price: If Dropbox shares hit $ 60, […]

Where will the first full hyperloop track be built? Maybe India

Enlarge / The proposed route between Mumbai and Pune. (credit: Virgin Hyperloop One) Virgin Hyperloop One signed an agreement with the Indian state of Maharashtra to conduct a feasibility study and build a demonstration track that could lead to the construction of a hyperloop system between two of the state’s major city centers: Mumbai and Pune. […]

Watch a next-gen Tesla Roadster rocket down a test track

Tesla was recently spotted testing its next-generation Roadster on the test track at its factory in Fremont, Calif., and now we have footage of the supercar’s vaunted launch capabilities. Twitter user Shehryar Khan posted the following video last week complete with an adoring, all-caps tagline (beware the salty language at the end). ROADSTER I LOVE […]

You can now track where Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster is in space

YouTube / SpaceX A website called Where Is Roadster is tracking Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in space. The site, which is not affiliated with SpaceX, estimates the car is more than 2 million miles from Earth. Musk cheekily tweeted about the site on Sunday, saying his car “must be parked around here somewhere.” Earlier this […]

Hot Wheels’ new AR track turns toy racing into a warzone

Hot Wheels may be known for little die-cast cars, but celebrating its 50th birthday this year doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past. The brand’s already given us AI-controlled racers and cars on virtual courses, but the one thing that’s gone largely untouched is its signature plastic track. This year, Hot Wheels mixes things up […]

‘Black Panther’ is on track to have a bigger opening weekend than ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Rogue One,’ and every single ‘Hunger Games’ movie

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Marvel’s “Black Panther” is on track to have the biggest February opening of all time. If domestic box office sales go the way experts are predicting, it could could surpass some of the biggest movie openings of all time.  The film’s early success proves that “Black Panther,” which has a […]