Enjoy Some Upside-Down Exploration In The Tower Of Time

I didn’t quite know exactly what to expect when I started playing ambitious isometric RPG Tower of Time. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that it would give me the most wonderful Ultima Underworld flashbacks – despite being different in almost every respect. Just like in that venerable old dungeon delver, Tower of Time has you […]

The Tragic Tale Of Bark Scruffalo Turns Tower Defense Into Dog Defense

With just a bat (and the occasional explosive) and a good dog, can you channel your protective instinct long enough to keep your faithful friend safe? In The Tragic Tale Of Bark Scruffalo, a tower defense-style game, you’ll have to do just that! Luckily, he’s a good boy and worth braving this storm of monsters. […]

WATCH: Russian TV tower demolished ahead of the world cup – will it fall the wrong way?

A Viral video has spread after the incredible moment a TV tower was blown up was captured on camera. The TV Tower was an iconic landmark on the Yekaterinburg city skyline in Russia. According to Press TV, the construction started in 1983, yet building efforts were abandoned in 1991 when the project ran out of […]

Four injured as 120+ firefighters battle 4-alarm blaze at Trump Tower in Manhattan (VIDEOS)

The New York fire department has dispatched dozens of units and over 120 firefighters to tackle a four-alarm blaze that erupted on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in Manhattan. One person suffered serious injuries in the blaze while three firefighters received non-life-threatening injuries, the New York City fire department said. FDNY crews were called […]

Sensor Tower — Fortnite: Battle Royale has already made $15 million on mobile

Epic Games’s Fortnite: Battle Royale has earned over $ 15 million from in-app purchases in its first month, according to market researcher Sensor Tower. The free-to-play game has been downloaded over 11 million times worldwide, and it’s now ranked No. 1 in the Apple App Store. After an invite-only launch in mid-March, Epic opened up its…Read […]

Sensor Tower: ARKit apps rack up over 13 million downloads in 6 months

It’s been over six months since Apple rolled out its augmented reality framework ARKit in September, and ARKit apps have been downloaded over 13 million times. Games are still leading the way, comprising 47 percent of installs according to market analyst Sensor Tower. Sensor Tower notes that its analysis only encompasses apps that “prim…Read More

Armed To The Gears Combines Tower Defense Strategy With Mech Action

From Brigador to Tesla vs Lovecraft, rumbling through levels within the heavy armor of a mech never ceases to be satisfying. Maybe it’s the sense of weight, or the sheer amount of firepower your mech can carry, or in the case of Armed To The Gears, it’s how you compliment your mech’s attack options with […]

Sensor Tower: Fortnite players spend $1.5 million on iOS version

Fortnite isn’t just winning over celebrity fans, it’s also making money. As I reported earlier today, Fortnite is the No. 2 highest-grossing game on iOS, and app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower estimates it has made $ 1.5 million worldwide on Apple’s devices since turning on in-app purchases. Sensor Tower mobile insights boss…Read More