Queen Elizabeth II: Monarch’s staff made to do THIS on royal tours – and they hate it

Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed travel to numerous countries during her lifetime and has visited some very far-flung locations indeed. When it comes to the Queen’s entourage, there can be up to 34 people with her on the journey. The royal staff have one custom they need to follow when they travel on long-haul flights. They […]

Trump tours scorched Paradise, California: ‘It’s total devastation’

Evan Vucci/AP President Donald Trump visited northern California neighborhoods Saturday to survey damage caused by a wildfire that ravaged more than 200 square miles in the last week.  Hours after Trump blamed forest mismanagement for the fast-spreading fires, he said the scorched areas did not alter his opinion on climate change.  In his second trip back […]

Jeremy Clarkson tours Georgia with bust of Stalin on bonnet of his Bentley (VIDEO)

While touring Stalin’s homeland of Georgia, Jeremy Clarkson mounted a bust of the Soviet ruler on his Bentley roadster. The stunt could reportedly be explained by his forthcoming program about world dictators Georgia’s First Channel on Tuesday broadcast a video showing the former Top Gear host driving across the country with a bust of Joseph […]

UK’s Def Sec Gavin ‘Russia should shut up’ Williamson tours Ukraine’s ‘frontline’

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has visited Ukraine and toured the eastern part of the country, where Ukrainian officials told him how they are fighting against a “Russian aggression.” Two regions of Ukraine are divided between rebel-controlled parts and those under control of the central government in Kiev. Ukrainian officials regularly host tours for foreign dignitaries […]

Billionaires’ vacation perks range from Ferrari-driving lessons to after-hours tours away from the crowds — here’s what it’s really like to travel while rich

Billionaire vacation perks far exceed luxury hotels and first-class flights.  Private Farrari driving lessons, after-hour visits to tourist sites, and private art tours are just some of the experiences Nota Bene Global plans for the its wealthiest clients.  Nota Bene Global plans vacations for the ultra-wealthy, who have net worths ranging from $ 10 million to $ 8 […]

We spent 2 days at the PGA Tour’s Dell Match Play event in Austin to see why everybody loves it so much

Cork Gaines/Business Insider Every March on the PGA Tour calendar brings the unique Dell Technologies Match Play. It is one of four World Golf Championships events and the only one that is in the head-to-head match play format. In 2016, the event moved to the Austin Country Club, and since the move, it has quickly […]

These are the Most-Booked Travel Tours, According to TripAdvisor

These are the Most-Booked Travel Experiences, Tours and Attractions, According to TripAdvisor Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This […]

Trump tours border wall prototypes in California amid protests (PHOTOS)

Venturing into the (politically) hostile territory of California, President Donald Trump took cover under the lofty prototypes for his wall along the US-Mexico border. The president told reporters during his tour that a real wall would stop “99 percent” of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico. He said high walls were needed to keep […]

The Royal Family's most memorable overseas tours of the past 30 years

Caribbean, November 2016 Prince Harry touched down in Antigua to kick off his two-week tour in the Caribbean. He attended a youth sports festival where local children turned up wearing t-shirts with his face on it. Harry was dating beau Meghan Markle at the time. It was in Antigua where Prime Minster, Gaston Browne, famously […]