Infamous ‘El Chapo’ challenges US extradition legality & ‘torturous’ confinement

Notorious drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman has filed papers claiming his extradition from Mexico violated the terms of the treaty. The accused cartel leader is facing international conspiracy charges in the US and is slated to go on trial next year. Guzman, 60, and his public defender lawyers, Michelle Gelernt and Michael Schneider, filed […]

Which body part hurts the most when stung by a bee? A scientist put himself through a torturous experiment to find out

Photo courtesy of Jillian Cowles/Johns Hopkins University Press Pain is notoriously subjective — some people can take more of it than others. But we need to measure pain, so scientists have derived scales that are generally considered valid ways of assessing how much one thing hurts compared to another. When entomologist Justin Schmidt created the “Schmidt Pain […]

Is the Rugged-Looking 2017 Jeep Cherokee Up To Our Torturous Testing?

– The Jeep Cherokee looks more adventurous than your average small crossover, and it’s not just show. Compared with more carlike rivals, the capable Jeep boasts impressive off-road prowess and towing capability while still offering a well-appointed cabin and a comfortable ride. However, there are trade-offs for these abilities, as the Cherokee falters in important […]