Vitamin B12 deficiency – does your tongue feel like this? Signs to eat more B12 foods

Vitamin B12 is used by the body to make red blood cells, which transport oxygen around the body, according to the NHS. The vitamin is also used to keep the nervous system healthy, and even helps with the production of DNA. Making sure you get enough vitamin B12 in your diet is crucial, as the […]

‘Venom’ Trailer: OMG, Have You Seen This Dude’s Tongue?!

A new Venom trailer is here, and it has everything fans of the character could want: slime, tongues, and Tom Hardy talking to himself. The film is part of Sony’s Spider-Verse (or is it the Venom-Verse? Answer unclear), a series of films which aren’t connected to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man films, like Homecoming and the upcoming Far From Home. Confused? Don’t worry! […]

How to get rid of an ulcer on your tongue: Eat this diet to speed up the healing process

HOW TO get rid of an ulcer on your tongue: They’re a common problem and should clear up on their own within a couple of weeks, but tongue or mouth ulcers can be treated by yourself at home. There’s no quick fix, but eating foods from a particular diet can help reduce pain and speed […]

“Aggressively Stuck His Tongue In My Mouth”

A morning news anchor in Los Angeles is accusing Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken of kissing and groping her without consent in 2006, when he was a comedian headed to entertain US troops overseas along with other celebrities. In a first-person post on talk radio KABC’s website, Leeann Tweeden writes that Franken, the headliner for […]

AL GORE: The Trump administration is ‘tongue tied’ on climate change because it’s loaded with ‘rogue’ deniers

CNN Screenshot Former Vice President Al Gore said on Tuesday that the Trump administration is “tongue tied” on the climate change, “because the truth about the climate crisis is still inconvenient” for fossil-fuel polluters, who “unfortunately have a lot of influence” over Trump’s administration. Gore told Anderson Cooper in the interview that Trump has “surrounded […]

Flavorwire Video Premiere: Acid Tongue, “Get Free”

Super 8 is synonymous with nostalgia. Its beautifully saturated color tones and grainy texture seem like memories come to life, and it’s so evocative that it’s almost clichéd at this point; finding new ways to use it is difficult. Hats off, then, to Seattle duo Acid Tongue, whose video for “Get Free” deploys the Super […]

‘Artificial tongue’ can tell fine whiskey from hooch

Are you absolutely sure you can tell the difference between a top-tier whiskey that comes in a handcrafted wooden box and the cheapest one from a grocery’s liquor aisle? Uwe Bunz’s synthetic tongue can, and it leaves no room for doubt. It can differentiate between every bottle of whiskey based on their brand, age, blend […]