Revo-loo-tionary tissue: Panda poop turned into luxury paper in China

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 08:19 Chinese businessmen have finally found a way to make money from dung – producing luxury tissue paper from panda poop. True panda fans will have to pay up to 10 times more than for usual tissue. Dung from the iconic Chinese bears is now being used to make a […]

Researchers use electric currents to detect cancer in human tissue

In a study published recently in Angewandte Chemie, researchers demonstrated that an imaging technique called scanning electrochemical microscopy could become a very useful medical tool. Rather than having to use additional chemicals like dyes or fluorescent markers to get a good look at tissue, this method uses electrochemical probes to detect natural biomolecules around the […]

Turning over a new leaf: Spinach used as functional human heart tissue in study

Biomedical researchers have created a novel way of overcoming one of the biggest hurdles to the regeneration of human tissue in a lab by using spinach leaves to build working heart tissue. The demand for organs and tissues for transplantation far exceeds availability. In the US, 22 people die each day while waiting for an […]