Stop the clock: Curlers sound off on new timing system

CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, N.L. — If you're still trying to wrap your head around the ever-shifting rules of curling and the game's landscape, you're not alone. The people most affected by the changes are still trying to grasp the game's newest revamp: the time clock. Conversations and changes surrounding the length of games, time clocks and five-rock, free-guard […]

26 Fotos, die Dir zeigen, was perfektes Timing ist

1.Dieses Gähnen. 2.Als dieser Schiedsrichter Eis versprühte. 3.Kurz bevor er nass wurde … 4.… oder sie. 5.Der Moment, kurz vor diese Kamera dran glauben musste. 6.Als er zum Jedi-Ritter wurde. 7.Oder als er genau richtig Stand, um einen Zopf zu bekommen. 8.Kurz bevor es für ihn schmerzhaft wurde. 9.Oder für ihn. 10.Als sich dieser Hund […]

Unfortunate timing made it look like the Bucks were celebrating the firing of Jason Kidd on Twitter

@SportingNews / Twitter Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd was fired on Monday evening in a surprising midseason move. On Twitter, it temporarily appeared as though the Bucks were celebrating his departure, as balloons fell over the screen for the Bucks’ birthday. The comedy of errors was fixed soon after it was discovered, but not […]

Woody Harrelson Hypes ‘Han Solo’ Movie’s Humor, Plus The Timing Of Lord & Miller’s Firing Explained

We knew all about the clashing of approaches between producer Kathleen Kennedy and original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller regarding Lucasfilm’s Han Solo spin-off film, but ever since Ron Howard took over the director’s chair, we’ve been wondering a lot about the film’s tone. Now, thanks to a new interview with one of its stars, we’ve […]