Time to shine in diamonds and pearls from Coast, Anthropologie and Luisa Cerano

(Image: SUN MAG) So what has been the hot shade for Summer 2018?  Well actually it seems no colour is the best colour right now.  The current summer uniform is on a romantic high of vanilla toned neutrals, sandy cottons and icing sugar pink separates.  And with all this sunshine, our summer party invite list […]

Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Hints at the Season 15 Development That Was 'a Long Time Coming'

No, Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t kick off with Jo and Alex having a baby or Meredith and Nick entangled in a torrid love affair. “We pick up right where we left off,” Camilla Luddington told Michael Ausiello when she stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite to promote Shadow of the Tomb […]

10 Best Time Management Books Recommended By Entrepreneurs

We all know that the most precious resource in life is time. Once lost, you can never rewind the clock. For entrepreneurs, this pressure is enhanced. Having an idea and a vision for a business requires courage. Launching that business in a world where many are satisfied with their comfort zones requires guts. Once you’ve […]

Video shows the rescued Thai soccer team leaving hospital for the first time since being saved

Jonathan Miller/Twitter; Business Insider The Thai soccer team trapped in a flooded cave complex have left hospital for the first time. They were on their way to their first press conference, accompanied by their families. See the footage below. The Thai soccer team has left hospital for the first time since been rescued from a […]

How Productive People Compartmentalize Time to Get the Most Done

I’ve never believed people are born productive or organized. Being organized and productive is a choice. You choose to keep your stuff organized or you don’t. You choose to get on with your work and ignore distractions or you don’t. But one skill very productive people appear to have that is not a choice is […]

Is It Time to Make Sports Gender-Neutral? We Asked, You Answered

Last week, we asked: Should all sports go gender-neutral? You answered, and here are your thoughts, edited for clarity. Cami Kidder, Los Angeles This isn’t a simple yes-no question. Sport is already gender-neutral — it is society that puts rules, restraints and bias on it. No one is suggesting that we merge the NBA and […]