Russian fitness coach thwarts street burglary, cracks armed attackers’ jaw & ribs

The tables were turned on two muggers when they had to defend themselves from a 27-year-old female fitness coach, who came to the attempted robbery victim’s rescue, leaving the attackers with a shattered jaw and broken ribs. Ekaterina Shevalyuk, 27, a fitness center employee in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, was in her apartment on […]

WATCH: Incredible moment brave employee thwarts robbers by doing THIS

A bank robbery can be a scary situation. Thankfully, one employee kept their cool in the face of danger. The man successfully thwarted their attempt to break in. The simple manoeuvre meant they were unable to even enter the building. The video shows three men rush into the building. As they go towards the glass […]

IDF thwarts ‘Hamas infiltration’ in massive military drills (VIDEO)

Israel Defense Forces have completed large-scale military drills that focused on battling various scenarios of Hamas infiltration and attacks on Israel from the land, sea and air. Hundreds of soldiers and army reservists from the Gaza Division and the Southern Command have held an annual five-day training exercises to rehearse their skills in thwarting an […]