Olympic fan favorites Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have a ritual hug that syncs up their breathing before they skate together

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Canadian figure skating partners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are Olympic favorites. The pair have a devoted following who hope they’re secretly in love. Virtue and Moir’s relationship is entirely platonic, according to them. But their ritual hug before each performance still has fans swooning.  They sync up their breathing in order […]

The German and Canadian bobsled teams both won gold medals in a rare tie — and they were thrilled for each other

Andy Wong/AP The German and Canadian two-man bobsled teams tied for the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  The last time there was a bobsled tie at the Olympics was 20 years ago, in Nagano, Japan. The German and Canadian teams stormed the bobsled track and hugged as they celebrated their dual win.  […]

The Army is testing a replacement for the Hellfire missile — and pilots like what they see

The Army is testing a replacement for the Hellfire missile — and pilots like what they see NOW WATCH: This is ‘Hellfire’ — America’s missile of choice that can hit a target five miles away See Also: The Navy’s stealth destroyers are getting new missiles that will turn them into long-range ship killers The Army […]

Child-free plane zones: Do YOU think they should exist? This many passengers say YES

Children on planes can be one of the most feared things on a long-haul flight. A recent viral video captured the shocking scene of a child causing chaos during an eight-hour flight, screaming and running down the aisles. The child was filmed “climbing over all the chairs” despite flight attendants attempting to intervene with the […]

We asked 2 of Citigroup’s top executives what they look for when hiring senior investment bankers (C)

Citigroup Citigroup’s investment bank has been showing signs of progress and competing among Wall Street’s best. We asked two of the bank’s top executives what they look for when hiring senior investment bankers. Performance matters, but it’s not the only thing. “We can’t have people on solo missions,” says Raymond McGuire, Citi’s global head of […]

BAFTAs 2018 winners list: Movie awards results live – as they happen

Who will triumph when Joanna Lumley hosts this year’s ceremony? From the list of nominations, there’s certainly plenty to choose from – with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Darkest Hour among those thought most likely to triumph. The ceremony will be broadcast from 9pm on BBC One, some time after it actually takes place […]

Florida social services reportedly investigated Nikolas Cruz in 2016 — but they determined he was a low risk

South Florida Sun-Sentinel/Susan Stocker via Associated Press Florida’s state social services agency investigated Nikolas Cruz in 2016 over violent social media posts. They closed the investigation after two months, determining he was a low risk. Cruz, 19, allegedly killed 17 people when he opened fire on the high school he once attended. Florida’s state social […]

‘They just talk!’ Trump blames Democrats for not acting on gun control earlier

Associated Press/Andrew Harnik President Donald Trump railed against Democrats on gun control Saturday, asking why they didn’t pass legislation earlier. His comments came on the same day as survivors of the Florida school shooting and activists rallied in Fort Lauderdale against the NRA and Trump himself. President Donald Trump on Saturday laid the blame on […]

Ex-CIA operative says US has long meddled in elections, but it’s OK since they are ‘god cops’

As Democrats indict Russians over “election meddling,” former CIA officers say the US has been interfering in foreign elections for decades and “hopefully” will keep doing so because it has the moral high ground. In an article published in the New York Times on Saturday, former CIA officers and several researchers, who have been studying […]