Floating whales, apple picking, and kitten rescue: how this VR therapist helps people conquer fear of heights

Oxford VR Oxford VR, a spin-out company of Oxford University, has developed an automated virtual reality programme which can help people conquer their fear of heights. The programme features a virtual therapist called Nic, who coaches people through various challenges like picking apples or rescuing a cat from a tree. The results of the first […]

Humboldt Broncos bus crash claims 16th victim, as athletic therapist dies in hospital

Dayna Brons, the lone woman aboard the Humboldt Broncos’ team bus when it collided with a transport truck on April 6, has died. Family and friends had been waiting anxiously, hoping the 25-year-old athletic therapist would pull through after she suffered serious head trauma, relative Dale Brons told The Canadian Press on Tuesday. At that […]

‘Aardvark’ Trailer: Mysterious Jon Hamm Woos Therapist Jenny Slate

In Aardvark, Jenny Slate plays a therapist who begins a relationship with Jon Hamm, the brother of one of her patients (Zachary Quinto). But while Quinto’s character is the one in therapy, Hamm might be the person with issues. In the Aardvark trailer, the lesson to be learned is: never date Jon Hamm, no matter how handsome […]

The single most common problem couples have in bed, according to a relationship therapist

Flickr/西文 Simon The most common problem couples face in bed is mismatched sex drives. That’s according to Rachel Sussman, a marriage counselor in New York City. Sussman said it’s best to find someone whose sex drive more or less matches yours, but if the difference has evolved over time, there are some potential solutions. If […]

A relationship therapist breaks down the 5 most common problems couples have in bed

Focus Features Once you enter a serious relationship, sex can get complicated. We asked Rachel Sussman, a NYC-based marriage counselor, about the most common problem couples have in the bedroom. Those problems include sexlessness and one partner being resistant to the others’ fantasies. Sometimes, getting into a serious relationship means that sex becomes less, well, […]

Piers Morgan goes absolutely BALLISTIC at gay conversion therapist: ‘You horrible BIGOT!'

The 54-year-old and his co-host Susanna Reid were embroiled in a particularly venomous row with Dr Mike Davidson, who claimed to have been “cured” from homosexuality by prayer.  “I believe that people are not born gay,” he told the Good Morning Britain duo. “That they come into homosexual feelings, and that it is something that […]

A therapist explains why one of the most traditional beliefs about marriage is also the most damaging

Prayitno/Flickr Imagine accepting a job you had to stay in forever. Even if the pay stagnated, or there turned out to be no room for advancement, or your coworkers consistently brought in smelly lunches, you’d be legally obligated to stick it out. The thing about marriage is that you’re essentially taking the same leap of […]

Google’s former in-house therapist on the surprising thing people talk about most in therapy

University of Exeter/flickr We all have our tiny handful of people that we bestow with the ironic but ultimate gesture of modern affection: talking to on the good ole’ fashioned phone. Among my tiny handful is one of my best friends; when she calls and I’m not able to pick up, she leaves a full […]

A couples therapist shares her best piece of marriage advice

Getty Images Rachel Sussman helps couples in crisis. As a relationship expert and marriage counselor in New York City, she helps them work through squabbles such as financial disagreements or in-law struggles, as well as more serious conflicts like jealousy, infidelity, and anger management. Even with such a wide range of issues, there’s one piece of […]