BBC News: 'Can I just answer that?' Labour MP Frank Field in clash over Jeremy Corbyn

McGovern, 36, was interviewing former Labour MP for Birkenhead Frank Field, 76, over his exit from the Labour Party on BBC Breakfast. A Labour spokesperson had told the BBC show Jeremy Corbyn “thanked Mr Field for his service to the party”, which led Steph to ask: “You’ve been a Labour MP for over 40 years, […]

Is a JAG/NCIS Reunion Crossover Nigh? 'I Think the Fans Would Really Dig That'

Fans of the JTU (JAG Television Universe) recently came closer than they know to having Harm and Mack back on their screens. The faithful should not, however, give up hope of seeing the JAG leads resurface on one of CBS’ NCIS series. NCIS of course was spun off of JAG, in a two-part “backdoor pilot” […]

Eurovision 2018: X Factor star stuns viewers with semi-final song – 'I didn't expect that'

X Factor runner-up Saara Aalto wowed audiences with her performance of Monster at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The talented singer, who finished second on the X Factor show back in 2016, sang on a spinning wheel before prancing around with her backing dancers in a pair of towering thigh-high boots. Her spectacular dance moves and […]

Kate Garraway gobsmacked as Iain Lee unleashes rant: 'I don't know if we can say that'

Iain, 44, delivered today’s Entertainment report in place of Good Morning Britain regular, Richard Arnold. After unveiling Elton John’s new star-studded album, he moved on to discuss Dawn French’s dating advice.  The Vicar of Dibley star, 60, has told fans they should ditch “underwear that’s going to impress” in favour of Bridget Jones style “big […]

Oprah Winfrey sparks frenzy with The One Show appearance: 'How did they manage that?'

Oprah was joined by her A Wrinkle In Time co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling to chat about the film directed by Ava DuVernay. The chat show host and actress opened up about her role in the fantasy film and shot down claims she would for run for presidency in 2020. Oprah opted for black […]

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt SWERVES Brexit in Sting interview 'We won't get into that'

Sting’s visit to BBC Breakfast’s sofa this morning saw him promoting his Broadway musical, The Last Ship. With the show’s return to the UK, Sting appeared on the BBC’s show to discuss the stage show’s themes. Sting compared the difficulties that the characters go through in the show to the political disruption that is currently […]

Paul Burrell shaken as medium uncovers Diana’s SECRET car crash ‘You couldn’t know that'

The royal butler is currently enduring a second stint on I’m A Celebrity where he has been spilling more secrets about his time with Princess Diana. However, Burrell was astounded when celebrity psychic John Edward dug up details about a collision involving Diana, Princess of Wales which took place before her fatal crash in 1997. […]

Emmerdale BLUNDER: Viewers in uproar as 'mystery voice' interrupts soap 'Who is that?'

Fans of the ITV soap were shocked when the continuity announcer appeared to have left their microphone on as Emmerdale began. Viewers claimed they were able to hear rustling noises and talking in the background, with many insisting the voice belonged to the STV announcer. Many took to Twitter to comment on the noise issues […]

'Did we really do that?' Couple fly round the world after building their very own plane

SYLVIA FOSTER/ARCHANT Sylvia Foster, 60, and her husband Brian, 67, clocked up 32,428 miles on their epic 160-day voyage. Mrs Foster said: “It was stressful at times but we had a lot of great fun. “We saw lots of new places and met lots of lovely people.” Mrs Foster, originally from Norfolk, and Brian, a […]

Miranda Does Christmas: David Tennant REFUSES to answer Doctor Who probe ‘Don’t do that'

The 46-year-old former Doctor Who star appeared at a loss for what to say when the comedian quizzed him about his Time Lord successors on the festive special. Playing a game of quick-fire questions with the actor, Miranda presented him with an impossible decision as she asked: “Snog, marry, kill: Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodie […]