Tesla Model 3 rollover crash shows its real-world safety

While Tesla’s Model 3 should be a safe car (this isn’t the company’s first try), it’s hard not to feel nervous. Without official crash test results, how do you know how resilient it really is? Apparently, it’s tougher than you might think. Reddit user StapleGun has recounted what might be the first rollover crash of […]

Tesla Hits Delivery Threshold for Juicy Federal Tax Credit

Tesla Motors announced Thursday that it officially reached 200,000 deliveries this month, which is good news in terms of overall sales. But the figure also means the company has surpassed the threshold requiring that federal tax credits be phased out, which is bad news. Some speculate that, without government incentives, fewer people will be willing […]

Self-styled Tesla whistleblower files formal SEC complaint

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Tesla ‘whistleblower’ files tip with the SEC (TSLA)

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Former Tesla employee Martin Tripp has filed a whistleblower tip with the Securities and Exchange Commission in which he alleges the company lied about Model 3 production numbers and put unsafe batteries in its cars, The Washington Post reports. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the company […]

Tesla and Luxembourg squabble over failed Model S braking test

Did you think Tesla could move past braking complaints just because it addressed the issue with the Model 3? Luxembourg certainly doesn’t. The European country’s testing and standards body ILNAS has put itself at odds with Tesla after conducting an unusually public emergency braking test (media outlets like Luremberg Wort got to watch) that compared […]

Tesla strikes another mammoth energy storage deal in California

Enlarge / A collection of Powerpacks deliver 20MW/80MWh next to the Mira Loma substation in Southern California. (credit: Megan Geuss) Late last week, California utility Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) asked the state to approve four lithium-ion battery storage projects. Three of which would be owned and operated by a third party, and one, built […]

Tesla made 5,031 Model 3s in a week

Tesla’s ultimate fate, and Elon Musk’s reputation has hinged on being able to produce 5,000 units of the Model 3 in a single week. Once that goal was hit, the company could finally shrug off the accusation that it was a billionaire’s plaything, out of its depth and unable to compete with Big Auto. Now, […]