Mexican officials are ready to stop helping the US fight terrorism and drug trafficking to get back at Trump

Johnathan Drake/Reuters Mexican senators have asked their government to consider ending security and immigration cooperation with the US. The call comes in response to Trump’s now-rescinded policy of separating immigrant families at the border. It is not the first time Mexican officials have made such a proposal. Mexican legislators this week proposed ending cooperation with […]

2 brothers pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges over a plot to detonate a meat-grinder bomb on a passenger plane

PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images Two brothers accused of plotting to blow up a passenger plane scheduled to travel from Sydney, Australia, to Abu Dhabi have pleaded not guilty in the case. The suspects reportedly built the bomb under the instruction of a senior Islamic State operative in Syria. The elder of the two brothers is accused […]

5 Terrorist Attacks That Could Happen in Your Neighborhood and How to Survive Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

Terrorism has been around for centuries, but we are still unable to prevent such things from happening. Maybe some of our counterterrorism measures have considerably slowed it down, but they still exist. If the policies that restrict and ban people, tighten surveillance, and prohibit everyday things are unable to ensure everyone’s safety, then perhaps it’s […]

Muenster car ramming suspect acted alone, terrorism ruled out – interior minister

A 48-year-old man who rammed a van into a group of diners in the southern German city of Muenster acted alone, the country’s interior minister said. He confirmed that police have ruled out terrorism in the ongoing investigation. “Even despite the fact that there is already compelling evidence that we are dealing with a single […]

‘Open support for terrorism’: Turkish deputy PM slams Macron’s pro-Kurdish statement

Turkey’s deputy PM has accused France of supporting terrorism by siding with the Kurds. It comes after the French president met representatives of the Syrian Kurdish militias in Paris and expressed his country’s support for them. Emmanuel Macron met a delegation from Syria on Thursday, which included the YPG, the Kurdish militias, as well as […]

Opposition cries censorship as Spanish rapper jailed for insulting king & glorifying terrorism

The Spanish Supreme Court has upheld a decision to jail a rapper for three and a half years for a song deemed to have glorified terrorism and insulted the crown, sparking a debate about freedom of expression in the country. The court rejected arguments on Tuesday by little-known rapper Jose Miguel Arenas Beltran, stage name […]

Appeals court: Twitter can’t be sued for “material support” of terrorism

Enlarge (credit: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images) An appeals court has ruled that Twitter is not liable for the deaths of two American military contractors who were killed in Jordan in 2015. In a Wednesday decision, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court’s ruling in 2016 for dismissal of the […]

The organization involved in the Paradise Papers leak allegedly represented a bank accused of funding terrorism, report says

Matt Cardy/Getty Images Appleby, the firm at the center of last year’s massive Paradise Papers leak, allegedly provided services to a bank accused of facilitating global terror and crime, according to a Guardian report. Appleby had represented the Federal Bank of the Middle East (FBME) since 2004, the report said. FBME was described as “a […]

‘73% foreign born’: DHS terrorism report criticized for excluding domestic US attackers

The majority of people convicted of international terrorism-related offences in the US since the September 11 attacks have been “foreign-born”, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security. The report, part of an executive order that sought to tighten entry criteria into the US, states that 73 percent of 549 people found […]