Wanted: A Shortage of Qualified Automotive Technicians Has Left Service Departments Scrambling To Find New Talent

– Even the most high-tech automobile is, at its core, a machine. And machines break sooner or later, sending most owners into a dealership or independent garage for service. But lately, and no pun intended, there’s a wrench in the works: a shortage of qualified mechanics. This comes just as the proliferation of electronic controls […]

17,000 AT&T technicians and call center workers go on strike

Enlarge (credit: Mike Mozart) About 17,000 AT&T wireline technicians and call center employees went on strike in California and Nevada today while filing an unfair labor charge to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleging that AT&T violated federal law. “The company has shown disrespect to the bargaining process by changing the work assignments of workers […]

FBI allegedly paid Geek Squad technicians as ‘confidential human sources’ in child porn case

Recently unsealed documents reveal the FBI has allegedly been paying Geek Squad technicians to search customers’ computers for illegal material, allowing the FBI to conduct searches without a warrant. In January, the FBI testified against Dr. Mark Albert Rettenmaier, 62, a gynecological oncologist, facing child pornography charges after Geek Squad technicians supposedly located an image […]