Saturday Kitchen: ‘Absolute shambles’ Matt Tebbutt forced to apologise after blunder

Today’s celebrity guest on the BBC show was comedian Ellie Taylor who was on the show chatting about food and her career. But when she spotted Matt making a major cooking blunder, she was quick to call him out. Chefs Ryan and Liam Simpson-Trotman were in the kitchen preparing a turbot dish with broad beans, […]

Saturday Kitchen Live: ‘Have you lost your mind’ Matt Tebbutt scolded for awkward error

Saturday Kitchen Live was hosted by Matt, 44, this morning, and joining him as the celebrity guest was Al, 50. Following a segment with chef Rick Stein, 71, Matt was keen to stick with the seafood theme and had created an oyster recipe to which Al was going to help him cook.  However, during the dish’s introduction, […]

Saturday Kitchen: BBC host Matt Tebbutt sparks giggles over SAUCY Friday night confession

The 44-year-old BBC presenter was joined in the kitchen by chef Ching-He Huang who set about showing viewers her recipe for Macanese minchi. Before the pair got stuck into preparing the dish, however, Matt greeted the British Chinese chef, who was dressed in a pretty cerulean day dress. “I’m a bit worried you’re going to […]

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt hits out at guests for doing THIS live on air ‘No petting!’

The married chefs went head-to-head in an omelette challenge, which was won by Nadine, before they struggled to keep their hands off each other. Proving there was no hard feelings after the cooking competition, Nadine gave Rene a kiss.  Matt heard the smooching noise and swiftly turned around to stop the awkward encounter. He said: […]

Saturday Kitchen live: Matt Tebbutt speechless as chef makes VERY suggestive innuendo

The 44-year-old foodie favourite appeared stumped when Spanish chef José Pizarro accidentally sent viewers into meltdown with a saucy innuendo as he attempted to give one fan recipe ideas. “I’ve got some prawns and I’d like to make some Gambas,” Sean from Hampton explained, having called in for tips on making the Spanish delicacy. “I […]

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt left MORTIFIED after epic blunder 'That's another woman!'

The 44-year-old chef felt the need to apologise after he made a strangely shocking gesture in the middle of a link during the live BBC broadcast. When wine expert Olly Smith, 43, explained his choice of accompaniment for the dish of duck liver on crumpets, Matt seemed to get overexcited, gulping down the remains in […]

Saturday Kitchen's Matt Tebbutt CRACKS UP as guest reveals 'he has CRABS' live on air 

Doug from Hastings innocently looked for some advice on what do to with his seafood, but perhaps didn’t consider his wording when he boldly told the host: “I’ve got crabs!” The caller’s question was lost as the entire team cracked up, leaving Matt to try and silence them.  “You’re looking for something to do with […]

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt confused after being forced to apologise AGAIN for swearing

The presenter pleaded for forgiveness after getting a bit “carried away” at the beginning of the BBC One daytime cooking show.  As the epiosde cut away to a pre-recorded segment, viewers were seemingly none the wiser, with Matt also insisting that he had no idea that he’d even sworn. “Earlier on in the show I […]

Saturday Kitchen's Matt Tebbutt forced to apologise after chef SWEARS amid meringue chaos

James Martin’s replacement told viewers at home he was sorry for the “bad language” which came during Mich Turner’s cake segment. As the food scientist finished off her show-stopping creation, it soon became apparent she had run out of fluffy white meringue. Looking around to see if there was any leftover, it seemed as though […]