Happy New Year, big tech! France starts taxing Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon

Tech giants will now pay more tax in France, after the country decided not to wait for the rest of the EU to introduce the measure. The so-called GAFA tax targeting major digital firms comes into force on January 1. The French government hopes to raise €500 million ($ 572 million) with levies specifically aimed […]

15 arguments against taxing cryptocurrency trades

GUEST: Last year, Congress passed a law treating every crypto-to-crypto trade as a taxable event. That’s a mistake. Cryptocurrencies are too novel, fraught, and susceptible to unintended consequences to be taxed the same way as stocks and precious metals are. Here are 15 reasons why these trades shouldn’t be taxed. 1. Scam coins abound…Read More

Taxing fat and subsidising healthy eating widens inequality

IN RICH countries, people’s diets are getting worse and they are getting fatter. Hence the increasing popularity of a “fat tax”, to make unhealthy food cost more. Since Hungary led the charge in 2011 with a “chip tax” on fatty and sugary foods, other countries have followed. Britain is to join a long list next […]

REVEALED: THIS country is so popular it might start TAXING tourists

Iceland is considering introducing a new tax on tourists or limiting access to the most popular attractions for sightseers. The country has seen tourism boom over the last decade, with tourist numbers rapidly growing from 490,000 in 2010 to an estimated 2.3 million in 2017. This is a mind-blowing number of visitors considering that Iceland’s […]

Why taxing robots is not a good idea

BILL GATES is an unlikely Luddite, however much Microsoft may have provoked people to take a hammer to their computers. Yet in a recent interview with Quartz, an online publication, he expressed scepticism about society’s ability to manage rapid automation. To forestall a social crisis, he mused, governments should consider a tax on robots; if […]