The Walking Dead Recap: Scary Tales — Plus, Alpha, From Mother to Monster

“Some people ain’t meant to be parents,” Daryl opined in Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. And once we’d heard Lydia’s stories about her mother — and these were just the chilling tip of the iceberg — there could be no doubt that the she-beast who called herself Alpha was one of those people. How bad […]

Tales of Loss: Six Great Mexican Reads by Women

Innovation seems impossible when it comes to writing on universal themes like love, family or even loss. And yet, in a world with what translator Sophie Hughes describes as a “stubborn and inexplicable preference for male literary writer superstars,” Mexican women are leaving their own stamps on the literary canon of the latter. Loss tears […]

Defying the ‘norm’: Overlanding tales from women on the road

Paula Dear August 31, 2018 Share this article There’s still a perception that women are less keen to ‘rough it’ on their travels. Well, as these stories from the road demonstrate, there are plenty of women overlanding right now—and they love it. When I first met Karin-Marijke Vis in Ecuador, she and her partner Coen […]

‘Tell Me a Story’ Trailer: Fairy Tales Get a Sexy, Modern Makeover for CBS All Access

Nothing says Halloween like a sexified retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson brings his signature brand of sexy fantasy shows populated by models playing teenagers to CBS All Access with Tell Me a Story. Starring Billy Magnussion, Kim Cattrall, and The Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley, Tell Me a Story is a modern reimagining of three classic […]

‘Fabled’ Trailer: Zosia Mamet and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Put a Feminist Twist on Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, Jennifer Morrison starred as the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Now, she directs a feminist revisionist take on fairy tales in the fantasy anthology series Fabled. The Fabled trailer promotes the first episode of the new anthology series, directed by Morrison and starring Zosia Mamet and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as two young women […]

Tales from the crypt: Russian granny kept relatives’ mummified bodies in her apartment for years

An elderly woman in the Moscow Region turned her apartment into a crypt. Police found the mummified bodies of two of her relatives lying on the floor covered with a blanket. The chilling discovery was made in the town of Podolsk on Wednesday, the Investigative Committee said. The 77-year-old woman told officers the mummies were […]

Tales of Glory hands-on: Swingin’ and slayin’ with swords and spears in VR

Two of my favorite PC games are Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Mount & Blade (both Warband and the original), so consider me excited when I saw Tales of Glory for the first time. With a heavy focus on first-person melee combat among an assortment of knights wielding weapons like pikes and swords and spears, it looks like the recipe for […]