‘Mind Over Mushroom’ Offers Free-Roaming Tactical Battles Against Fungal Foes

Goodbye grid, hello freedom! Mind Over Mushroom takes tactical battles and ditches the grid structure for a more challenging fight, letting you wander as you battle spore-controlled foes. Players will have to mind their distance, as you’re free of grid restraints and able to wander freely (barring terrain obstacles, of course). Be mindful of your […]

‘Ganbare! Super Strikers’ Turns Soccer Into A Tactical RPG

Soccer plays very differently when the players can summon tornadoes, turn invisible, or call up a wall in front of the net, but it’s all part of bringing tactical RPG elements to the sport with Ganbare! Super Strikers. You will be helping a small town Japanese soccer team rise up to become world champions in […]

Project Shore Promises Low-Poly Low-Fantasy Tactical Battles

With its rustic low-poly aesthetic, systemic world design, and partially hands-off approach to combat, Project Shore looks to be an interesting entry among indie turn-based strategy games. As a mercenary company commander, you are merely one party among a larger world in Project Shore. Reminiscent of the tactical RPG Battle Brothers, the fate of your […]

Build Your Defenses Block-By-Block In Tactical TD Protolife

An expanded version of a Ludum Dare 38 entry, Protolife takes the tower defense and gives it a more deliberate hands-on approach, as you construct towers one-block-at-a-time to withstand the incoming insectoid tide. Reminiscent of Infested Planet’s hordes, Protolife threatens to overwhelm with massive flowing groups of alien bugs. To destroy and hold back the […]

BattleTech is a more tactical, punishing view of mech battling

Enlarge / The mechs crumple, explode, list, and flare with a surprising amount of detail. (credit: Harebrained Schemes) BattleTech is out to get me. The turn-based tactics game from Harebrained Schemes—the studio that cut its teeth on resurrecting “Nineties Cool” franchises with Shadowrun Returns—has now revived the world of MechWarrior in absolutely savage fashion. The […]

Road Of Dust And Rust Turns The Auto Wasteland Into A Tactical Strategy Game

The imagery of the vehicle convoy kicking up dust across the apocalyptic wasteland has been a staple of the genre for decades but few games have tried to capture that aspect of post-apocalyptic action. One such game, Convoy, approached it from an FTL-inspired angle, but Road of Dust and Rust, from the developer of JASEM, […]

Tactical units spent weeks trying to breach and climb Trump’s border wall prototypes — and they’re nearly impossible to scale

Reuters/Jorge Duenes Eight prototypes of President Donald Trump’s long-promised border wall stand in San Diego, California, at the Otay Mesa port of entry. They’re made of concrete, steel, and other materials, and designed to withstand even the most persistent breaching tools and intrepid climbers. Constructions crews spent roughly a month erecting the prototypes, in the […]

Jose Mourinho facing tactical headache with Paul Pogba after Alexis Sanchez arrival

Pogba was substituted for tactical reasons for the first time since his £89million move to Manchester United during their 2-0 defeat by Tottenham, following heated exchanges with Mourinho over his perceived inability to follow instructions.  The France international started alongside Nemanja Matic in the midfield engine room but left his partner and defenders exposed on […]

A Vietnam War veteran explains the tactical case for the flamethrower

US Marine Corps The US military stopped using flamethrowers in 1978, but there are several potential applications of the flamethrower to modern counter-terrorism operations. Still, the potential for uncontrollable and indiscriminate collateral damage makes them less-than-ideal for prolonged operations in urban terror strongholds like, say Mosul or Raqqa. But there’s no law against them in the […]

At least 7 missiles developed for Russia’s Iskander-M tactical ballistic complex – chief designer

Published time: 14 Sep, 2017 18:49 Edited time: 14 Sep, 2017 18:52 Several new missile types have been developed for Russia’s cutting-edge Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile complex according to its chief designer. The Defense Ministry has considered adopting the new missiles to enhance the system. Read more While the Army currently operates the missiles (approved […]