Germany lifts strict constitutional ban on Nazi symbols in video games

Germany has softened its longstanding and strict ban on swastikas and other Nazi symbols, to allow their inclusion in computer and video games, after a heated public debate over the Wolfenstein video game franchise. The lifting of the ban on Nazi symbols, if used in a “socially adequate” way, was announced by a German industry […]

Game of Thrones season 8 news: White Walker symbols explained as hidden meaning revealed

Game of Thrones’ heroes have been terrorised by the Night King (played by Vladimir Furdik) for seven seasons.  And as the action heats up for the final instalment, all eyes have turned to the Night King and how he will be defeated.  The Night King has been no stranger to leaving a trail of devastation […]

Google Maps uncovers mystery symbols – are they the entry to secret Scientology base?

Google Maps is one of the most widely-used tools in the world for viewing life across all four corners of the globe. Designed to help travellers navigate new areas, it has also inadvertently become a way to see people captured going about their daily lives. And as well as this, the tool has captured many […]

Dashboard warning lights – Do you know REALLY know what these essential symbols mean?

GETTY Dashboard warning lights meaning should be known to avoid costly repairs New research has suggested that 48 per cent of motorists don’t understand what each dashboard warning light means.  In addition to this a survey released earlier this year suggested that nine in ten drivers have had a symbol appear on their dashboard which […]

A 600-Year History of Cookbooks as Status Symbols

Early cookbooks were fit for kings. In the 15th and 16th centuries in Western Europe, the oldest published recipe collections emanated from the palaces of monarchs, princes, and grandes señores. At this time, no one was trying to build a business out of selling cookbooks. Instead, they were often created within a court culture, partly […]

Should Confederate Symbols and Statues Be Taken Down?

OZY and WGBH are bringing you a terrific new TV show, Third Rail With OZY — launching on PBS this fall! Every Wednesday, we’re debating hot topics in the lead-up. This week’s topic: “Should Confederate symbols and statues be taken down?” Email with your take. What’s in a statue? Or a flag? Charlottesville was […]

Germany bans over 30 Kurdish symbols, incl. flag of US-backed Syrian militia fighting ISIS – report

Berlin has reportedly banned a total of 33 symbols used by Kurdish political and military groups, including the flag of a US ally in Syria, YPG militia, and a portrait of an outlawed Kurdish party leader. The move comes amid Germany’s tensions with Turkey. Read more In a letter, seen by German Spiegel newspaper on […]