Black Ops 4 reveal news: Call of Duty leak as Switch games rumours surface

Today is set to be an important one for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 fans. Having heard a lot of rumours and reports over the past few months, a lot of questions should be answered by tonight. Activision are hosting a Black Ops Community Day in LA, which will feature all the answers fans […]

Nintendo Switch games shock: Pokemon Let’s Go news and rumours

New reports this week suggest that Nintendo may be releasing more than just one new Pokemon Switch game in the next 12 months. We already know that a new core release is being planned for the handheld console, but it appears evidence is mounting of something else. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers posted new details on […]

Switch, PC, and crypto all lead to booming growth for Nvidia

Nvidia just reported record quarterly revenue of $ 3.21 billion for the three-month period that ended April 29. That is up 66 percent year-over-year from $ 1.94 billion. Increased demand for GPU-based artificial intelligence is one of the key factors driving Nvidia’s growth, but the company also saw huge jumps in spending in its gaming […]

Nintendo Switch games shock as company reveals major 2018 online news

Nintendo Switch owners have been waiting for the Japanese games giant to confirm when their next big feature will drop. The online subscription service for Switch has been outlined and looks set to launch later this year. But while the new Nintendo Switch Online services will officially launch in September 2018, it will not see […]

Nintendo says Switch won’t get Virtual Console classic game downloads

Enlarge / Don’t expect to see a screen like this on the Switch. With Nintendo offering a selection of 20 downloadable NES games as part of its newly announced Nintendo Switch Online service, starting in September, many have been wondering if the company is planning to revive its Virtual Console selection of emulated classic game […]

Cloud saves are coming to Nintendo Switch this September

Nintendo has finally revealed more details about its long-awaited Switch Online service. In addition to giving you access to NES games adapted for the console, the service will also come with cloud-based backup — a much-requested feature that will give you access to saves in case you lose or break your device, or in case […]

Nintendo introduces Switch cloud saves as part of paid online subscription

Just a few more months… First, the good news: Nintendo will finally begin offering a way for Nintendo Switch owners to back up their currently vulnerable game save data starting in September. Now, the bad news: that feature will only be offered to players who spend $ 20 a year for Nintendo’s first-ever paid online […]

Diabetes type 2: Switch to this colour milk at no extra cost to slash blood sugar levels

As soon as diabetes type 2 symptoms appear, you should see your GP. Diabetes UK estimates that almost 3.7 million people suffer from diabetes in the UK, with 90 per cent having developed type 2 diabetes. People are more at risk of developing the condition if they are overweight, have high blood pressure or have […]

Steam beta adds support for Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller

Steam already works with a bunch of gamepads, including PS4’s and Xbox 360’s/One’s, thanks to the Valve controller’s software component. But if you’d rather use Nintendo Switch’s, then you’ll have to be willing to take Steam’s beta client for a spin. The platform’s beta version has added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, so […]