Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Nintendo Switch review – Can it compete with PS4 and Xbox?

CRASH BANDICOOT N.SANE TRILOGY NINTENDO SWITCH REVIEW • £34.99 Pros – Unrivalled levels of nostalgia • Incredible art style • Packs a graceful audio punch • Nintendo Switch’s portability makes it the definitive version of Crash • Tons of replayability • Adorable cast of characters Cons – New mechanics can initially be frustrating to learn • The […]

Nintendo Switch games news: Gamescom lineup revealed ahead of August Direct

Nintendo Switch fans might want to get a ticket to Gamescom, because the console is going to be highlighted in a big way. Ahead of the rumoured Nintendo Direct presentation for August, the company has revealed its lineup for Gamescom. Taking place in Cologne, Germany, the European gaming expo runs from August 21 until August […]

Nintendo Switch Fortnite: How to get Fortnite for Nintendo Switch? Price, how to download

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console to join the roster of machines capable of playing the most popular game on the market, Fortnite. Nintendo announced the release of Battle Royale on their platform back at E3 in June, revealing that the free-to-play game would be ready to download immediately. Nintendo allowed players to connect to other […]

Nintendo Switch free games UPDATE: Paladins arrives on Switch eShop with crossplay

Having released as a closed early access game for the Nintendo console, it has now been announced that fans can grab the free-to-play title from the Switch eShop. Paladins initially released in early access on the Nintendo Switch on June 12, during E3 2018. And until now, players could only gain access to the game […]

Modders revamp Super Mario Odyssey on hacked Switch hardware

Super Mario Odyssey modder TheSunCat takes you through his insanely difficult custom level for the game. Since a simple method for unlocking most Switch hardware was revealed back in March, much of the hacking community has been focused on developing homebrew software/emulators for the system. But a small community of Super Mario Odyssey fans has […]

NASA’s new climate science satellites switch on their lasers

NASA’s new climate-monitoring satellites, which SpaceX ferried to orbit in May, are almost ready to keep an eye on our planet’s ice sheets, atmosphere and ocean levels. On June 13th, the twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) satellites switched on their lasers in search of one another for the first time. Those lasers […]

Fortnite free download for PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and Mobile before Season 5

While there’s plenty of action left in Fortnite Battle Royale, the start of Season 5 looks set to be a big event. Leaks have already hinted that the theme could be centered around different times in history, with areas of the maps also being tweaked to reflect this. Reports of new Fortnite skins from the Egyptian period […]

‘Semblance’ makes history on the Nintendo Switch on July 24th

Semblance, the squashy platformer from independent studio Nyamakop, will hit the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac on July 24th, 2018 — a date that will go down in video game history. Semblance is the first South African-developed game to ever make its way to a Nintendo platform, and it comes from a small studio run […]

PS4 news: Fortnite Switch crossplay reveal, new GTA 5 Online update

For anyone who didn’t know, there are some limitations when it comes to playing Fortnite Battle Royale. These are based on what platform you play; be it PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch or Mobile. But they’re not tied to the usual content exclusivity deals you hear about or timed bonuses. It’s all about Fortnite […]