Luxury resort bans gadgets at swimming pool to create guest ‘haven’

Look, as great as it is to have all these fancy laptops and smartphones around us, sometimes we can become too attached to them. And when you’re on vacation, you just have to find a way to break free from technology. That’s why a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia is banning electronic devices from one […]

Is ice swimming the key to finding your inner ‘sisu’?

Share this article Lola Akinmade Åkerström has long been fascinated by ice swimming and how easily Finns submerge themselves into freezing waters. Can she too find her inner sisu? It’s easily 15 degrees Celsius below zero. Wearing nothing more than a woolen hat and swimming trunks, Dave calmly walks to a wooden ladder—caked with snow […]

Holiday warning: Popular beach in Thailand bans SWIMMING as crocodile is spotted in sea

Thailand tourists have been banned from swimming off the island of Phuket, Thailand after a crocodile was seen in the waters. Authorities are now trying to catch the elusive creature with hunters joining the search team. The giant lizard was first seen at popular tourist spot Rawai Beach just over a week ago. It has […]

Here are the chances of getting bitten by a shark while you’re swimming at the beach

Pterantula/Wikimedia Commons The likelihood of being attacked and killed by a shark are 1 in 3.75 million — less than the chances of dying by lightning strike or excessive cold. In the wake of two shark attacks on New York’s Fire Island on Wednesday, INSIDER has examined the data behind shark attacks in the US […]

Google Maps: This swimming pool is EIGHT times bigger than a normal pool – would you go?

Google Maps has snapped a swimming pool on its Google Earth function, but this pool is far from ordinary. The pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile is the largest in the world. It can be seen on Google Earth stretching across the Chilean coastline – and would be the perfect […]

BBC Breakfast: Mike Bushell FALLS into swimming pool live on air leaving fans in hysterics

BBC Breakfast’s presenter Mike has not had a good day so far judging by his gaffe moments into today’s instalment. Interviewing a team of swimmers who recently put on a great performance at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, Mike sat on the side of a pool to discuss their achievements. But Mike hadn’t surveyed his […]