Cruise secrets: Royal Caribbean Genies took serious action to swerve health danger – how?

Royal Caribbean’s loyal team of on-board Royal Genies, quite literally, make dreams come true. Whether that’s one-of-a-kind adventures, a tailor-made spa experience or an on-shore adventure to remember forever, the magical crew bend over backwards to ensure even the biggest wish is granted. Yet the oldest, most experienced Genie for the cruise line has let […]

How to avoid a Christmas hangover: This diet will help swerve a festive headache

Birmingham City University experts have come up with a foolproof “survival guide” aimed at reducing the impact of one too many mince pies and over-indulging on the sherry. Dr Matthew Cole, senior lecturer, and four students from his sports and exercise nutrition course, came up with simple rules to tackle a perennial problem at this […]

Asthma treatment: New drug IMPROVES control to help sufferers swerve DEATH

It’s a chronic lung condition inflaming and narrowing the airways, causing periods of wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing. Sometimes it can trigger an asthma attack, when symptoms worsen due to the lining of the airways becoming swollen or inflamed. However, a new way to treat the condition has been discovered in a […]

Countdown: Rachel Riley and Susie Dent awkwardly swerve THIS filthy word – but fans can't

Player Neil flashed a smirk as he offered up the word “fapped” during the latest instalment of the Channel 4 show. Unlike those watching at home, the stars of the long-running program, including host Nick Hewer, failed to acknowledge his shocking suggestion with many taking to Twitter to comment. For the uninitiated, fapped is the […]