This gory medical case shows why you should never, ever swallow a toothpick

(credit: Michael Galkovsky / Flickr) Toothpicks seem so innocent. Whether staking down juicy sliders on game day or harpooning fruits bobbing in happy-hour cocktails, the mini skewers often spike our festive occasions. But, make no mistake, they have a vicious side. Given the chance, they will mess you up. Of the poor souls who somehow […]

Trump Forces Big Pharma to Swallow a Bitter Pill

When Nashville native Robyn Erickson came to the defense of Donald Trump during a mid-October town hall in Tennessee organized by OZY, she didn’t give the typical litany of responses — the economy or conservative judges or even immigration. Challenging suggestions that the president has not achieved meaningful successes in office, Erickson, a conservative, said, […]

Doctor Offers Simple Solution to Curb Obesity: Swallow a Balloon

This OZY original series brings to you Medical Breakthroughs – and the people behind them – that could change how doctors treat us, find fixes to today’s diseases and make our lives truly better. It’s painful to watch people pick through the plunder at a salad bar. The mind says “salad,” but the heart says […]

Hard to swallow! Project Fear says Brexit will ruin your butties

British Sandwich Association director Jim Winslip has warned his members would struggle to make fresh sandwiches. But Mr Winslip’s claims on BBC Newsnight have been ridiculed and highlighted the misinformation being put out about a World Trade Organisation deal that experts believe will massively lift Britain’s GDP. Tim Martin, the owner of Wetherspoons pubs who […]

Here’s what really happens when you swallow gum — and no, it does not stay in your body for 7 years

Scott Gries / Getty We talked to experts and got to the bottom of myths about gum. While it’s not true that chewing gum will stay in your body for seven years, it is true that it isn’t entirely digestible. Swallowing gum can be dangerous, but if it happens occasionally you’ll likely be OK. The […]

Supplements warning: THIS could be why you find it hard to swallow tablets

While frustrating, it is entirely normal to find swallowing tablet supplements or pills difficult. You are fighting your body’s natural desire to want to chew something before ingesting it. It is thought one in three people struggles to swallow pills. There are three main stages to swallowing – oral, pharyngeal, and oesophageal – and it […]