ARK Survival Evolved Mobile LIVE, Android update coming soon to Google Play Store

Having teased its release earlier this year, War Drum Studios’ handheld port is now available to download. There are no restrictions between iOS and Android, although there are some issues stopping people playing. ARK Survival Evolved Mobile on Android has a list of issues that have stopped many from accessing the full experience today. While […]

Signalis Blends Lovecraftian Sci-Fi And Survival Horror

Signalis‘ atmospheric pixel art style promises a dark adventure into surreal sci-fi, of “melancholic mystery and…dystopian dreamworlds” tinged with cosmic horror imagery and elements. Signalis places you into control of a “Replika” crash-landed on a mysterious planet, haunted by visions and discordant memories as she explores an abandoned facility. Old-school survival horror – resource management, […]

The mysterious new ‘Fallout’ game is reportedly using the same survival formula that’s seen wide success in other online games

There was a time, around four or five years ago, when it seemed the only games that were being released followed the same formula: early access, open-world, and survival. Games like Day Z and Rust exploded almost overnight, and many copycats followed. The premise of an open-world survival game is relatively simple —  you’re thrust […]

Nature rocks in Yorkshire: A family holiday discovering survival skills at Thornwick Bay

In glorious sunshine building a bivouac would have been enough of a challenge yet in the adverse climate we managed to create vital cover to escape the deluge. With survival at stake it was now a race against time to purify filthy, brown ditchwater into something safe enough to drink. Thankfully it was left to […]

ARK Survival Evolved update: Big new PS4 download arrives – here’s what it does

The development team have just deployed a new PS4 patch, which aims to take care of a few issues. It’s not the big ARK Survival Evolved update being planned for release in mid-April, which will include a long list of changes. However, it appears that while this new patch is only looking to solve a […]

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile: Wildcard talk Controller support, crossplay, microtransaction

While 2017 saw the popular PC, Xbox One and PS4 game leave early access, parent company Wildcard Properties have announced new ambitious projects. ARK Survival Evolved Mobile is coming to iOS and Android this year via Wardrum Studios, while fans can also expect the popular survival title to arrive on Nintendo Switch too. With the […]

ARK Survival Evolved update: New PS4 patch brings a special new feature

Studio Wildcard have confirmed that a new patch is being deployed today on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. This new ARK Survival Evolved update should be available to download now, and looks to do one very specific thing. HDR Mode for ARK should now be fully enabled for those who have the compatible hardware. ARK […]

Nintendo Switch games NEWS: ARK Survival followed by another big reveal

ARK Survival Evolved is coming to the Nintendo Switch games list. The surprise announcement was made at GDC 2018, during the State of Unreal presentation. From the footage shown off during the event, ARK Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch could be another top port for the console. From what we know already, Studio Wildcard are […]