FBI releases Carter Page surveillance documents, Trump claims his campaign was spied on illegally

Associated Press/Pavel Golovkin Following months of partisan arguments in Congress, the FBI released heavily redacted documents about the surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser. The agency was investigating whether Carter Page was conspiring with the Russian government to undermine the 2016 US presidential election. President Donald Trump seized on the documents to claim his […]

China’s ‘Big Brother’ surveillance technology is impressive and chilling — but it’s not nearly as all-seeing as the government wants you to think

REUTERS/Bobby Yip The Chinese government is working to combine its 170+ million security cameras with artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to create a vast surveillance state. The government isn’t quiet about its efforts, often playing up technological successes in state media to convince the populace of its impressive capabilities. But recent reports suggest that […]

Supreme Court surveillance opinion nudges us to think nationally, act locally

Enlarge / The Supreme Court of the United States, as seen in 2017. (credit: Phil Roeder / Flickr) Christmas came on Friday, June 22 this year—that is, if you’re a privacy and surveillance law nerd. After deliberating the decision for months, the Supreme Court handed down its opinion in Carpenter v. United States, a case […]

VIDEO: Surveillance footage captures driver bursting through the windshield in a fiery SUV crash in Florida

Screenshot via WFLA Surveillance video captured a fiery SUV crash in Florida that launched a driver out of the windshield of the vehicle. The white Cadillac SUV collided with a toll booth in Osceola County on June 3. Police told a local news station the driver may have been “fatigued.” The driver was lying motionless […]

‘Total political & legal bust!’: Trump slams Democrats’ memo on Russia probe & surveillance abuse

Published time: 24 Feb, 2018 23:47 Edited time: 24 Feb, 2018 23:54 US President Donald Trump has dismissed the memo released by the US House Intelligence Committee Democrats as a “total political and legal bust.” “The Democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal BUST. Just confirms all of the […]

North Korean Olympians have a 24/7 surveillance team who will tackle them if they try to run away

Getty Images North Korean athletes are subject to round-the-clock security at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Each athlete has a “minder” who will even follow them into the toilet so their whereabouts can be guaranteed at all times. Athletes from North Korea are “separated” from athletes from other nations. North Korea is paranoid […]

The FBI may have ‘incidentally collected’ surveillance on Steve Bannon while monitoring Carter Page

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File The FBI may have “incidentally” collected surveillance on former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon when it was monitoring former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Bannon and Page spoke in January 2017 about the Steele dossier, a collection of memos alleging collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. Depending on […]

Snoopers charter: Government mass surveillance regime ruled ‘unlawful’ by appeals court

The UK government’s mass surveillance program, allowing for the indiscriminate collection of people’s personal data, has been ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal. Large parts of the government’s Investigatory Powers Act 2016 – dubbed the ‘snoopers charter’ – must be amended as it runs contrary to EU law, the Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday. Read […]