Nails, screws & latches: Russian surgeons remove 152 objects from elderly woman’s stomach (PHOTO)

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 23:04 Surgeons in the Russian Republic of Buryatia were shocked to discover 152 foreign objects, including nails, screws and latches, inside the stomach of a 74-year-old woman. The doctors at Semashko Republican Hospital in Ulan-Ude, located 100 km southeast of Lake Baikal, opted for an endoscopy to reveal the reasons […]

Here’s how the tax bill will affect people in different jobs, from bakers making $20,000 to surgeons making $250,000

Martin H. Simon – Pool/Getty Images • US President Donald Trump just signed the GOP’s enormous tax overhaul into law. • The plan is expected to boost take-home pay for most Americans — but not by much. • Career site Zippia broke down how the final tax bill could affect take-home pay in 2018 for people in […]

Surgeons find never-before-seen parasite in body of defector who was shot 5 times while escaping North Korea

REUTERS/Lee Jin Woo The North Korean defector who was shot five times while running across the border to South Korea has been found riddled with parasites, one of which has never before been seen in the country. North Korean defectors often come over to South Korea with parasites, once with more than 30 types of […]

FDA-approved robot assistant gives surgeons force feedback

Surgeons are trained to accurately operate on you when you need it, but robotic assistants could help them get to hard-to-reach areas and boost their accuracy even more. Senhance, the robotic surgical assistant that has just earned the FDA’s approval, was designed to accomplish both of those. The machine can help surgeons carry out minimally […]