Here’s what you missed this weekend: Trump tries to respond to dead children at the border, Kelly says the ‘wall’ won’t be a real wall at all, and truculent truck drivers block Tesla Superchargers

Spencer Platt/Getty Images President Donald Trump, Republicans, and administration officials have responded to a second December death of a migrant child in US custody.  In an interview, outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly said Trump’s “Wall” won’t actually be a wall. Business Insider spoke to truck drivers pointedly blocking Tesla Superchargers as multiple […]

Tesla in talks to open Superchargers to other automakers

Access to the vast Supercharger network is one of the biggest reasons to choose a Tesla over other EVs. The proprietary charging port means only Tesla products can use Supercharger stations. Things may soon change, as Electrek reports that Tesla is in actively talking to other automakers about making the network available to anyone. Tesla […]

Elon Musk says all Superchargers will run on solar and battery power

According to a tweet from Elon Musk this morning, Tesla’s Supercharger stations are all being converted to solar and battery power. Musk added that eventually, most of them will be completely disconnected from the electricity grid. This move comes after an announcement earlier this year that the company would be doubling its network of Superchargers, […]