High blood pressure: This summertime food could slash hypertension risk

High blood pressure could be lowered by eating a more balanced and healthy diet, according to experts. But, what foods are best to add? Sufferers aiming to lower high blood pressure should add apricots to their diet, medicinal website Healthline advised. This is because they contain more potassium than other fruits. “Increasing your potassium intake […]

Summertime Blues: 15 August Movies That Didn’t Stink

August is a precarious month for the film industry; nestled between the blockbuster summer schedule and the advantageous awards season of fall, it’s a quiet time for big budget fare. Though not quite the dumping ground of, say, February, it’s mostly a breather month – a calm before the prestige storm, and where studios can test […]

From footfiles to fake tan: The ultimate guide to summertime footcare

It can be a bit of a chore to look after your feet, particularly when they’re not on show for most of the year. But neglecting them can lead to callouses, hard skin, discoloured nails and bunions.  Victoria Beckham has long suffered from painful bunions as a result of wearing high heels and this June […]