Diabetes type 2 warning – do you have this feeling in your hands? High blood sugar signs

Diabetes type 2 is caused by the pancreas not producing enough of the hormone insulin, or the body not reacting to insulin. The condition affects about 3.7 million people, and it increases the risk of deadly complications, including strokes and heart attacks. Some of the more common diabetes symptoms include tiredness and passing more urine […]

High blood pressure symptoms: Nine signs you need to control your blood sugar

High blood pressure symptoms may go undetected and the only way to find out for sure if you have it is to have your blood pressure checked. All adults over 40 are advised to have theirs checked at least every five years, and this can be done at your GP surgery, at some pharmacies, as […]

Diabetes diet: Breakfast, lunch and dinner – the best meal plan to lower blood sugar

DIABETES type 2 risk could be lowered by making diet or exercise changes. Patients could lower their chances of high blood sugar symptoms by following this diabetic meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and it includes the best snacks to munch on throughout the day.

Diabetes type 1: Drink this much apple juice to help maintain blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 1 sufferers could raise their blood sugar levels by drinking 150 millilitres of apple juice. That’s according to diabetes expert Dr David Cavan, who has over 20 years experience helping people with the condition. “One hundred and fifty millilitres of apple juice contains about 15 grams of sugar,” he told Express.co.uk. “That’s about […]