I spent college studying and interning, but I didn’t realize I’d missed a huge opportunity until it was too late

Matt Picking Fewer than 2% of undergraduate students take advantage of the study abroad programs at their colleges. Studying internationally is proven to enhance global awareness, help develop leadership skills, foster personal growth, and advance students’ comprehension of foreign languages. Olivia Young graduated in 2013 without having studied abroad and regretted it so much that […]

Even though more people are doing it, studying is still worthwhile

WHICH has provided a better return in recent decades: America’s stockmarket or education? The latter, according to a research review by George Psacharopoulos and Harry Patrinos for the World Bank. The two economists looked at 1,120 studies, across 139 countries, and came up with an annual average “rate of return”—actually a pay premium, the increase […]

Georgia researchers are studying the ways AI can reduce traffic accidents in Atlanta

Atlanta’s traffic congestion infamy — the city regularly makes every annual top list due to its bottlenecks — is partially caused by car accidents at large, busy intersections. After a few accidents occur, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) may swoop in to assess the situation to make the intersection safer. But what if they […]

Studying human tumors in mice may end up being misleading

Enlarge (credit: UCSD) Cancer is, unfortunately, governed by the same evolutionary rules that drive life itself. Cells in tumors are essentially competing to see which can divide the fastest. This competition drives them to pick up new mutations that can help them divide faster, survive immune attack, resist drugs, and expand to new areas of […]

What Studying Conflict Resolution Teaches About Personal Relationships

When people are threatened, evolutionary biology dictates extreme reactions: flee or fight? Donna Hicks, who studies conflict resolution at Harvard, says that this dynamic is at the core of much global tension—it’s just scaled up to the level of cities or countries. So she starts small, focusing on individual interactions. She puts an emphasis on […]

I spent years studying Playboy, and it wasn’t just about the objectification of women

Charley Gallay / Stringer Over the nearly 70 years since Hugh Hefner, who died recently at the age of 91, laid out the first issue of Playboy on his kitchen table, the magazine and his personal lifestyle embodied the ultimate expression of heterosexual male privilege and sexual freedom. Because he was surrounded by young, beautiful […]

China studying when to ban gasoline and diesel cars

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has begun studying when to ban the production and sale of cars using traditional fuels, the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing comments by the vice industry minister, who predicted “turbulent times” for automakers forced to adapt. Xin Guobin did not give details on when China, the world’s largest auto market, […]

Alzheimer’s disease CURE? Scientists studying hibernating animals could ABOLISH dementia

Experts have sought to discover if Alzheimer’s could be solved by finding out more about hibernation. Scientists previously found hypothermia – a dangerously low body temperature – can protect the brain. During a different study researchers reduced the body temperature of mice to that of a small hibernating mammal; one half of the group had […]

Alzheimer’s disease CURE? Scientists studying hibernating animals could ABOLISH dementia

ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE and diabetes are two of the main health concerns across the UK – with dementia recently considered the leading cause of death in the country. Scientists believe they could be close to finding a breakthrough treatment for both conditions. Daily Express :: Health Feed