A new type of counseling gives struggling couples 8 hours to decide whether to stay married

Universal Pictures A marriage on the brink of divorce can potentially benefit from discernment counseling. In one to five sessions, a discernment counselor helps the couple decide whether to stay married as they are, start the divorce process, or seek couples therapy. The process is focused on understanding how the marriage got to this point, […]

NAFTA negotiators are struggling to meet a congressional deadline

AS FAR back as the campaign trail, President Donald Trump had promised to renegotiate or rip up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has said that if this Congress is to have time to approve a new version, it needs word that a deal […]

Google WiFi now shows which devices are struggling to connect

Run a large-enough WiFi network and there’s bound to be that one device that can’t quite hold on to a fast connection, like the tablet in your bedroom or a laptop in the backyard. But how do you quantify that flaky connection? Google can help. It’s deploying an updated Network Check feature for Google WiFi […]

Home is where the 'L' is? Home teams struggling in playoffs

Having home ice is supposed to be an advantage in the NHL. So far in these Stanley Cup playoffs, the only guarantee to playing at home is a monochrome backdrop provided by fans in team-specific T-shirts. Consider the following: — Winnipeg posted an NHL-high 32 wins on home ice. One of their seven regulation home losses, however, […]

Why certain graduates from Ivy League schools are struggling in the workforce

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/flickr Students coming from low-income families make up 15% of the top college enrollments in America. While certain organizations provide financial aid and career guidance during college, more needs to be done to help students make the socioeconomic shift once they have graduated. Many feel intense pressure to succeed, […]

Social media is playing a growing role in the threat of school shootings — and authorities are struggling to stop it

Jonathan Drake/Reuters Since the Parkland shooting it has been estimated that almost 50% of school-shooting threats have been made via social media. In the weeks following the Parkland incident there were around 70 threats made per day. Authorities are struggling to find a way to fairly reprimand those making the threats online, while still respecting […]

People are struggling to figure out which train is going the wrong way in this viral brain teaser

Wang He/Getty Images Brain teasers, puzzles, and optical illusions are a dime a dozen online these days. Heathrow Express is getting in on the fun with a new train puzzle. Among 27 trains, one of the rail cars is facing the wrong way on the tracks. Keep reading to see which train is about to […]

Boeing’s struggling Air Force tanker program now has more problems

U.S. Air Force photo/Jet Fabara Additional high-profile problems have cropped up with the Air Force’s new tanker, the KC-46 Pegasus. They add to other issues that have plagued the program, which is being developed by Boeing. Boeing has already incurred billions in pretax costs because of delays and technical problems. Boeing’s KC-46 tanker program, long […]