Facebook Messenger DOWN – Chat app not working as users struggle to access service

UPDATE: Facebook Messenger is now back online with full service resumed. Facebook Messenger seems to have hit some problems tonight with reports that the hugely popular app is down and not working. It seems the problems began around midnight with users in the UK, Europe and the US reporting problems sending and receiving messages. Down Detector, […]

The 16 cities where Americans struggle the most to pay rent (Z)

Richard Heyes/Flickr Residents in 16 cities across America are spending a higher share of their income on rent than the national level, according to Zillow.  It’s toughest for low-income earners. Home prices have increased faster than incomes since the recession, and rising mortgage rates are making the market more expensive.  Housing is getting more unaffordable […]

‘Behind the badge we have a human being’: Officers could struggle psychologically after Fredericton shooting

It’s normal for first responders to experience symptoms such as nightmares or increased irritability after a traumatic event such as Friday’s shooting in New Brunswick, and they should seek help if problems continue or increase over time, experts say.

Holby City spoilers: Dr Sacha Levy struggle revealed in hard-hitting mental health episode

The BBC medical drama has worked with mental health charity Mind to put together a special episode which will look at Dr Sacha Levy (played by Bob Barrett) struggling with his emotions. The long-serving media will be left struggling after a devastating outcome for a favourite patient. The episode will largely take place on the […]

‘Travelers and Magicians’ Tells the Struggle For Spiritual Identity in the Modern World

(Welcome to A Passage to India, a new series where we explore great works from all over South Asia for unacquainted viewers, all of them available to stream.) To cinema, he’s Khyenste Norbu, New York Film Academy alumnus, consultant to Bertolucci on Little Buddha and Bhutan’s premier director. His second feature, Travelers and Magicians, was […]

Inside the Yelp-Google Struggle

Jeremy Stoppelman likes to mock Google’s stock response to its critics: “On the internet, competition is one click away.” The Yelp CEO laughs despairingly as he describes attempts to convince U.S. regulators to restrict what he believes is a “very successful monopoly.” The “click away” line, he says, tripped off the tongues of every federal […]

The Never-Ending Struggle to Sustain a Small Business

Editor’s Note: This article is part of Exit Interview, a series of conversations about leaving one’s career. Like many theater rats, the actress Delissa Reynolds had juggled auditions with an on-and-off office job, “daylighting” as a temp at Citibank. She had some success as an actor, even landing two roles on Law and Order. But […]