Google Maps Street View: Man narrowly escapes dangerous accident while working

Google Maps Street View captured a man and his wife doing work outside of their house. The woman was peering into a bush with a gardening tool by her foot, as she appeared to be preparing or fixing the foliage and fence. The man was on a ladder looking over the top of his caravan […]

Google Maps Street View catches man in the act of something very embarrassing

Google Maps Street View has caught a number of embarrassing situations while mapping the world. One man found this out after he was snapped on the side of the road. Clad in a black top and trousers, he was seen standing outside his stationary white car. He was caught in a rather awkward moment, something […]

Sesame Street Should Have Let Bert and Ernie Be Gay, and Here’s Why

Why, Sesame Street? Why? After longtime staffer Mark Saltzman told Queerty that he’d always written Bert and Ernie as gay, the venerable educational show for kids didn’t respond, “Of course they’re a couple — who else would quarrel like that?” or even, “Viewers can ascribe to the roomies whatever qualities they feel best fit them.” Instead, it […]

Google Maps Street View: Young child embarrasses his mother after doing this in public

The Google Maps Street View camera caught a woman with a young child, presumed to be her own. The woman was dressed in a purple jacket and cargo trousers, holding a blue bag while looking toward the Google car. Next to her was the young child who was clad in jeans and a T-shirt. His […]

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley RETURNS in love triangle but who will he pick?

Coronation Street fans will be delighted to learn Nick Tilsley (played by Ben Price) will make a return to the cobbles in the coming weeks.  The actor has been filming for a few weeks now and it seems tantalising details of his return have spilled out.  It seems the bad boy will be breaking hearts […]

Google Maps Street View: What does this strange-looking man have on his head?

Google Maps Street View catches all sorts of people and animals as it maps the streets of the world. However, one image has captured what might not be entirely human or indeed entirely animal. The bizarre snapshot shows what looks to be a man, judging by his body, yet instead of a human head, the […]

Google Maps Street View: Woman caught risking her life while working

The Google Maps Street View images captured a woman doing her job by cleaning windows. Where she is from is not known, although the shutters outside the windows suggest somewhere in Europe where they are popular. The woman was dressed in a purple top and blue skirt while attempting to wash the shutters. She terrifyingly […]

Russian fitness coach thwarts street burglary, cracks armed attackers’ jaw & ribs

The tables were turned on two muggers when they had to defend themselves from a 27-year-old female fitness coach, who came to the attempted robbery victim’s rescue, leaving the attackers with a shattered jaw and broken ribs. Ekaterina Shevalyuk, 27, a fitness center employee in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, was in her apartment on […]

Google Maps Street View: You'll never guess what the man in this snapshot is celebrating

Google Maps Street View tends to capture the ordinary goings-on of most people’s lives  – with the majority having no idea they’ve been photographed. So, every once in a while, some people snapped by the online mapping service really stand out, such as in this rare scene. Google has photographed a man who appears to […]

Google Maps Street View: Loved-up couple snapped in highly embarrassing image

Google Maps Street View has photographed a couple enjoying a romantic moment on a beach. The man and woman are sitting down upon towels on the sand and are kissing one another. However, something very embarrassing seems to have happened to the couple. The pair are so loved-up they appear to share not just affection […]