US carrier promo offers free iCloud storage to iPhone upgraders

Apple isn’t known for offering virtually any promos to iPhone buyers, let alone iCloud users, but it’s making exceptions for both ahead of the 2018 iPhones. Reddit users have discovered a promo that lets subscribers to the four major US carriers get two months of 200GB of iCloud storage for free. The campaign is clearly […]

Tesla strikes another mammoth energy storage deal in California

Enlarge / A collection of Powerpacks deliver 20MW/80MWh next to the Mira Loma substation in Southern California. (credit: Megan Geuss) Late last week, California utility Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) asked the state to approve four lithium-ion battery storage projects. Three of which would be owned and operated by a third party, and one, built […]

Liquid-air energy storage: The latest new “battery” on the UK grid

Enlarge / A view of the Pilsworth Liquid Air Energy Storage system (credit: Highview Power) A first-of-its-kind energy-storage system has been added to the grid in the UK. The 5MW / 15MWh system stores energy in an unusual way: it uses excess electricity to cool ambient air down to -196°C (-320°F), where the gases in […]

Nissan follows Tesla with an all-in-one solar storage package

After making strides in the electric car market, Nissan has set its sights on the home. The company recently debuted its redesigned Leaf electric car and continues to push its xStorage battery, but now it wants to combine its two great loves under one roof. That’s what the Nissan Energy Solar scheme — the company’s […]

Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen targeting Aramco oil storage tanks

Saudi Arabia’s air defense has allegedly intercepted a missile fired by the armed Houthi movement from Yemen towards storage tanks in the port city of Jizan, which belong to the Aramco oil company. Storage tanks belonging to Saudi Aramco oil company in the southwestern province of Jizan  were reportedly the targets of the attack. The […]

Touch and Go: Mulliner Offering Fingerprint-Lockable Storage in Bentley Bentayga

– The idea of a locking storage compartment inside a vehicle is not new. Glove compartments with traditional key locks have been around for decades, but in 2018, that method is simply too pedestrian. Advancing the idea of a personal safe inside one’s vehicle, Bentley and in-house customizer Mulliner have created a lockbox for the […]

‘So many of us were cheated’: Fertility clinic storage tank failures forge lost legacies, heartbreak

Hundreds of women and couples have learned that the eggs and embryos they froze for eventual use in starting or expanding a family may have been destroyed by storage tank failures March 4 at two fertility clinics in suburban Cleveland and San Francisco.

WATCH: Shocking moment a fire breaks out in the overhead storage of an airplane

Mobile phone video footage has emerged of a bag on fire, billowing with smoke in the overhead locker of a China Southern Airlines plane. During the short clip, a flight attendant is seen hurrying to put out the fire, dousing the luggage with a bottle of water. An alarmed passenger steps in, throwing a bottle […]