Legacies Recap: Who Got Stoned? Plus, Danielle Rose Russell Breaks Down Hope and Landon's 'Charged' Reunion

Just when you thought Riverdale had cornered market on gargoyles, along came Thursday’s Legacies to remind Archie & Co. what a real monster looks like. After waking from a who-knows-how-long slumber in the final moments of last week’s episode, the Salvatore Boarding School’s resident gargoyle wasted no time terrorizing the student body — specifically Lizzie’s […]

Weed behind the wheel: Stoned drivers now more common in US than drunk ones

Stoned driving is on the rise in the US, with a new study showing that THC – the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis – is now the most commonly detected intoxicating substance in American drivers. Following the legalization of cannabis in some states, Americans are getting higher than ever before, with an estimated 15 billion […]

First Ticket for Stoned Driving Issued One Hour After Legalization

Marijuana seems to be a reoccurring theme this month. Canada, which legalized recreational use of the drug on Wednesday, has already had an opportunity to remind its citizenry that there are still some ground rules that must be followed. Literally one hour after weed received the green light, Winnipeg police issued a citation for consumption […]

Israeli military bus stoned after ‘accidentally entering’ West Bank refugee camp (VIDEO)

A busload of IDF soldiers clashed with Palestinians at the Kalandia refugee camp in the West Bank after the vehicle entered the camp, allegedly by accident. At least three soldiers were injured in the clash, the IDF confirmed. Palestinians reportedly started throwing stones at the Israeli vehicle after it drove inside the camp, which is […]

‘Stoned Alone’: Ryan Reynolds is Developing an R-Rated ‘Home Alone’ Riff

Ryan Reynolds is putting an R-rated spin on one of the most beloved family films of all time. The Deadpool star will apparently be taking his brand of irreverent, adult humor to the classic Christmas film, Home Alone. And get this — it will be a stoner comedy called Stoned Alone. Genius! Ryan Reynolds is attached to produce and […]

Stoned Test Pilots 💨

Eskymaks / Getty Images Getting people to enroll in scientific studies is usually a long and difficult process. Not so for Hound Labs, which is working on a breathalyzer that shows whether you’ve smoked weed in the last few hours. Earlier this year, when the Bay Area startup wanted to get pot smokers high to […]

Video Game About Pot Farming Is Fun Even If You Aren’t Stoned

In Bud Farms: Grass Roots, you’re farming bud in a fairly optimistic future where potheads have formed their own nation. While the game appears to be just another weed-themed Farmville clone, Bud Farms actually has a lot of heart. Advertisement When you start Bud Farms, you’re greeted by an aging hippie who runs you briefly […]